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Neville Goddard Explains How Imagination Creates Reality

Neville Goddard is one of the most influential law of attraction teachers of the 20th century. His teachings are based on a reinterpretation of Biblical texts, using a psychological, rather than a religious or historical perspective.

In this post I’ll give a summary of how imagination creates reality as explained by Goddard, and then I’ll share a great audio in which you can hear Goddard explain his teachings on imagination.

Imagination Plus Faith = Instant Manifestation

Goddard tells us that the teachings of the Bible are not historical facts, but a psychological evolution of consciousness. As you move throughout your life, you are constantly imagining yourself into being, through the laws of attraction and vibration.

Everything that you experience is, in essence, nothing more than an imagined state, and imagined reality that you have chosen for yourself, albeit on a level you might not yet be cognizant of.

The secret to developing conscious control over this process of creation is through the attentive use of the imagination. When you imagine something, you create the state of that desire for yourself. As you can feel yourself experiencing the desire, clarifying the vision of what it means to live from an imagined ideal, you bring it closer and closer into being.

If you can clearly imagine your aim, the only other component you need is faith. Faith is the conviction, the sense of absolute certainty, that your desire is true, exactly as you have imagined it to be. Faith requires you to ignore the information presented by the five sense, in favor of the knowledge that if you can imagine it, it will manifest for you.

Combining imagination and faith is the key to instant manifestation using the law of vibration. The process is simple: create an idealized vision of the world as you wish it to be, and then believe that that world is already true, by feeling into the state of being you desire.

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Imaginal Acts Become Facts – Audio Recording

In this audio lecture by Neville Goddard, he explains how imaginal acts become facts through the use of different states of being.

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