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How To Use The Law of Vibration to Become a Match to Your Desires

The Law of Vibration is one of the 12 Universal Laws governing how our world works. It tells us that everything is energy, from the chair you’re sitting in to every thought that passes through your mind. It also governs your experiences because you can only experience circumstances for which you are a vibrational match. This means that The Law of Vibration works together with The Law of Attraction to create your everyday life.

If you can understand these laws, you can use them to create the world as you wish it to be, and to experience any desire you may hold. In this post, I’ll outline how to use the Law of Vibration for manifestation, in order to help you create consciously the life you’ve always desired.

If you aren’t familiar with this law, I suggest you read my post explaining how The Law of Vibration works before continuing with this post.

Become a Vibrational Match To Your Desires

The first step towards using The Law of Vibration to manifest money, love, happiness, or anything else you may want, is to understand that you must become a vibrational match to your desires.

Physically speaking, when your vibration aligns with the vibration of your desire, you will experience that state of being. The very fact that you are not yet experiencing that state is evidence that you have not yet aligned to your aim.

While this may make sense in theory, what, exactly, does it mean to become a vibrational match to your desire?

The key is to understand that vibration can be measured through your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. These three elements are you point of power because they are the three forces you can use to change your vibration.

To become a vibrational match, then, all you have to do is to focus on the feeling that your desire holds for you. You may have heard this idea expressed in terms of “faking it until you make it” or “acting as if.”

You can measure your alignment by how real your desire feels to you. If you can feel your desire is on its way, you are close to being a vibrational match to it. When you can feel the emotion that the desire represents, you enter into an even higher state and, for as long as you continue to feel that emotion, you literally become the vibration you seek.

This is true regardless of what the physical desire is. If you want to manifest more money, ask yourself what you would feel like if you already had that money, and then do your best to maintain that feeling for as long as possible.

That’s all it takes to match any vibration you choose.

What To Do When Your Vibration Is Low

Unfortunately, for most people, experiencing the vibration of their desire can feel like a challenge. As you go about your daily life, you are faced with any number of challenging circumstances, and it can be difficult to stay positive when faced with a negative world around you.

When these circumstances seem to contradict your desire, they end up lowering your vibration. When your vibration lowers, you feel discouraged, worried, or unhappy.

When your vibration is low, understand that the circumstance is not lowering your mood: you are! The only thing that keeps you down is your belief that the situation in front of you (which appears to go against your desire) means that you are not already on your way towards having whatever it is that you want.

If you were to believe, 100% of the time, that everything is working out for you, you would never let the apparent lack of your goal deter you from feeling the joy and excitement of it.

There are several easy processes you can use to get into the receiving mode and help you raise your vibration. The core of each of these processes is to manage where you place your focus.

When you prioritize focusing on good-feeling thoughts, and making your individual joy a priority every moment of every day, you begin to raise your energy to allow your goals to manifest for you.

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Noticing Signs and Synchronicity

Once you understand how The Law of Attraction works and begin to prioritize raising your energy, you will begin to notice evidence of this shift in the world around you.

Most likely, this evidence is not going to come in the form of “the ONE BIG GOAL” you really, really want. Chances are, you have too much resistance built up against that goal in order to allow it to flow freely towards you on your first attempts at working with the Law of Vibration.

However, there are many other signs you can point to in order to know that you’re on track.

The first and most immediate sign is that you will feel better. If you can trust that your emotions are a guide to your future world, then you will know that feeling good, right now, is always the most important area on which you should focus.

As you start to feel better more consistently, you will begin to notice signs and synchronicity that things are going your way. At first, these signs might be small. Maybe you find that your task-list begins to flow more easily for you, or you go for a walk and see exquisite birds or puppies play in front of you.

As you notice these little things, you develop the habit of appreciation, which will raise your vibration even further, and allow you to experience more of your desires.

Trust, have patience, and be confident that everything truly is going your way. That’s the secret to manifestation.

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