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Taking In The Good Learn To Rewire Your Brain with Rick Hanson

As we spoke in our other article about how meditation fortifies the brain due to its neuroplasticity taking in the good can do this as well. First off, neuroplasticity means our brain will reshape, rewire, and strengthen the parts of it that it uses.

When we focus on taking in the good it may start off intentional, but as we continue to do so we strengthen these neuropathways that were formed during this activity. This clears the pathway more and more each time and even can bring activity to feel habitual.

Rick Hanson’s Top Tips For Taking In The Good

Neale says, “Neurons that fire together wire together. This means that what we think about actually changes neural structure.”. Active parts within the brain receive more blood supply and connections are not used begin to wither away.

Our brains have passed down the structure of our ancestors within the nervous system. Through the genes we have had passed down, one aspect that continues to be prevalent within our lives is our protection mechanism of negative thinking.

For instance, if we are extremely cautious every time we cross the street to the point it takes us 20 minutes to cross, mother nature will support this excessive worry due to the possible act of prevention.

If we decided to move quicker in order to save those 20 minutes it may end up costing us the rest of our minutes. Want to learn more about how meditation can change the structure within our brain check out our article here?

1. Don’t Leave Money Lying On The Table

Rick Hanson used this statement to describe the moments that you become aware you could stop to smell the flowers and drink in the enjoyment, He says if you notice there is something you like or something beautiful you momentarily recognize dive into that experience.

2. Amplify and Make It Last

Drink in fully appreciating the way a bird flies stunningly overhead while you are walking to work. If you have a positive thought that you like the way you look allow this gratitude and appreciation to course through your body.

In other words, do not let the gift within this moment go unused. It is important to sustain these experiences for a goal of 20-30 seconds because it is not enough to for two seconds feel a wave of gratitude.

Enjoy our article explaining everything to know about positive thinking!

3. Integrate

Make your joy as intense as possible and absorb it into as many sensations as you can. This creates a full integration and brings you to a space where you can fully feel this experience soaking into you as you soak into it.

This is the last tip, you can visualize an image that makes you feel like you are integrating this experience or just bring forth the knowing that this experience will impact you and continue to have a lasting effect on you.

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