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The Foundations of Wellbeing Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson, the author of Hardwiring Happiness and Buddha’s Brain, neuropsychologist, and meditation teacher has created a year long program to lead you through the 12 pillars of wellbeing.

What Are The 12 Pillars of Wellbeing?

Rick has developed a 4 by 3 table to cultivating well being. It is goverened by the four R sources of wellbeing Recognizing, Resourcing, Regulating, and Relating to the three fundamental and core needs, Safety, Satisfaction, and Connection.

Where the sources of wellbeing connect to our core needs form the 12 pillars which are:

Recognizing Resourcing Regulating Relating

Throughout the course you follow Rick through one hour a week to develope and strengthen these 12 aspects of your being. He teaches us that our brain’s network needs to be rewiring from various aspects at once in order to acquire a true increase in your wellbeing.

Mindfulness is one of the 12 pillars of wellbeing and is where recognizing and satisfaction meet eachother. Ready to start learning about mindfulness from Rick Hanson already? Find some of his best mindfulness practices here.

You can see this as a holsitic and effective apporahc because it is not honing in on one magic solution but the essence of your wellbeing as a whole, which guides you to find the balance you need throughout your whole life.

How To Create Lasting Change?

One of the biggest things Rick teaches, as to be expected due to his studies in neurophyschoogy, is that any real and lasting change needs to take on a physiological change as well.

Looking for some more inspiration? Find our 12 favorite quotes from Rick Hanson here.

Our nervous system is designed to be changed by the information flowing through it and we can use self-directed neuroplasticity to change our brains and our experiences. He explains that the “neurons that fire together wire together. This means that what we think about actually changes neural structure.”

Neuroplasticity and the way that our nerves rewire themselves due to processing new information is not news to the field of science. However, the level at which we change and adjust our bodies is.

This is why choosing and committing to habits that make us feel good really do create lasting change that affects more than just turning a state of mind into a trait, but it rewires our brain.

Excercises like taking in the good help to rewire the way that we think and change our neural structure as well. Really it is quite miracoulous forming the rigth resources can impact our resilince and success.

What Is The Purpose of The Foundations of Wellbeing?

The course isn’t specifically to make you just feel good for a moment, but to create lasting change. How does it do this? Well Rick designed it with his 30 + years of expereince to specifically make alterations to your brain by using the science of postiive neuroplasticity.

This course helps you integrate new habits, form new neural pathways, and form benficial effects from our brain’s natural ability to be shaped and formed. The course teaches through guided meditations, lectures, incorporating over 30 other experts, self-assesments, downloadeable files, and amazingly connects you with a community on private forums.

Want To Learn More About The 5th Pillar, Mindfulness?

We have plenty of resources to help you dive into this aspect of your wellbeing:

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