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Finding Peace Within: A Simple Exercise To Feel More Peaceful Every Day

How To Be At Peace With Yourself

In this video I take you through a simple exercise you can use to find peace within yourself every single day, regardless of what’s going on in your life.

Whether your circumstances are good or bad, happy or sad, you ALWAYS have the ability to feel a sense of expansion, peace and ease. If you learn to tap into this feeling as a habit, you will drastically increase the level of peace you feel.

First, I talk a little bit about the essential characteristics of peace, and the importance of being at peace in your saily life. Then, I dive straight into a simple exercise that anyone can do, at any time, to expand that bliss.

It only takes a few seconds, and you can do it just about anywhere, whether you’re at home, in the office, at the grocery store, or driving down the highway. It’s subtle, easy, and effective.

Try it out for yourself.

Become peace, until peace becomes your only reality.

Finding Inner Calm, Every Day

The key to applying this exercise is simple: take the time to observe your breath every single day, many times throughout the day. I like to stop every 20-30 minutes to take a few seconds simply to breathe and to notice my environment. If you adopt this single practice, more than any other technique I’ve experience, you’ll quickly become more spiritual, and will be able to develop a near constant state of calm that remains with you as you move throughout each day.

The process is simple.

The first step is to take a few large breaths, inhaling and exhaling loudly to release any excess energy with a loud sigh. If you are in a public space (and cannot breathe loudly) you can modify this step to have a few cycles of “hushed sighs,” in which you forcefully exhale your air silently, releasing any unnecessary tension.

The next step is simply to observe the breath. As you breathe in and out for the next few cycles of air, notice how the air moves through your body. Notice any sensations that come to you, whether they are physical points of contact with your breath, or energetic ideas of peace, stillness, or calm.

You can remain with your breath for as long as you’d like. I recommend at least 3-5 cycles of breath, which for most people is about 30-60 seconds. This simple pause, repeated consistently, encourages you to become more mindful and to appreciate more of the joy that is already present in your life.

The last step for this exercise is to commit to making it a habit. Integrating this exercise into your daily routine is the core step that will cause you to feel more peaceful, on command.

To learn more about how to quiet your mind or increase your sense of awareness and inner calm, check out our current course offerings.

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