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Solar Plexus Problems and Imbalances

Named Manipura in Sanskrit it is also known as the solar plexus or third chakra. It is linked to the fire element and rightfully so as this is our power center. We derive our motivation, determination, and willpower from this masculine energy center.

How Do Chakras Become Blocked?

Chakras can be understood as energy centers that are gathered around the midline of the body and work their way up the spine. They gather around major organs and can be visualized as small vortexes of energy within the body that also radiate their energy outwards about one foot.

The chakras encompass the emotional, physical, and spiritual layers that correlate to that specific chakras purpose. Each chakra holds a different aspect of our psyche as well as has different elements and physical organs associated with it.

The chakra system works similar to a river segmented into seven sections. If one section becomes clogged it will affect the water flow within the other sections of the river. Each chakra can become blocked by suppressed emotions, fears, and holding onto what we need to let go of for our evolution.

Louise Hays, an author of many books such as Heal Your Body A-Z and You Can Heal Your Life, wrote these on the concept that our thoughts and emotions are what creates disease within the body. She goes to explain how negative emotions manifest within the body and work as a mirror to reflect back to us what is going on within our inner world.

The chakra system similarly works as a mirror into our emotions and beliefs around what the energy that chakra represents. We can look into imbalances and pain within the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies and trace it back through the chakra system to the chakra it correlates with and find ways to heal it.

Symptoms Of A Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

When the third chakra is imbalanced it can produce physical symptoms such as ulcers, acid reflux, and diabetes. Digestive problems such as overeating, IBS, and eating disorders can show up from a solar plexus imbalance. The solar plexus rules the stomach, spleen, gallbladder, liver, and skin.

When we think of the skin in relation to the solar plexus it is our boundary to the world. It is semi-permeable which means it selects that which will be beneficial inside the body and leaves what could be detrimental outside. The skin creates our boundary with the world and when the skin is having issues it can be pointing to the fact our boundaries need to be reevaluated.

Emotionally when the solar plexus is blocked or underactive it can represent itself in feeling a lack of confidence or an egotistical perspective. When we are too attached to our image this can be a sign that the solar plexus is out of balance.

It can also show up as extreme aggression and closed-mindedness. When we formulate pessimistic views of the world, have trouble trusting, are resistant to sharing, or are out of touch with our gut instinct then it is time to connect to our solar plexus.

What Are The Gifts Of An Open Solar Plexus Chakra?

A powerful and balanced solar plexus shines its light in the form of confidence, passionate action, setting healthy boundaries, and authenticity. When we can tap into our inner flames we feel confident to stay true to ourselves and act in integrity to our own vision.

An open and healthy Manipura allows motivation to flourish easily within you. Staying in touch with your inner compass, you are able to see through illusions.

Trusting yourself and your gut instinct become natural qualities. Pursuing your goals and formulating a distinct knowledge of your desires are qualities of an open solar plexus. Staying grounded and remaining respectful during arguments or heated moments are signs of a balanced solar plexus.

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How Can We Balance The Solar Plexus Chakra?

Spending time doing activities that empower you and make you feel strong will open the solar plexus. Ways to empower yourself physically include working out, eating in a way that feels good to you in all ways, and walking away from situations that do not serve your highest good.

Ways to emotionally empower you include facing your fears, practicing going outside your comfort zone, facilitating healthy and purposeful confrontation, and consuming empowering television or books.

Consider spending time around a campfire or lighting candles in order to connect to the healing energy of fire. Fire burns away all that no longer serves us and is a powerful rebirthing element to work with.

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