Stepping Back Playbook

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The Stepping Back Playbook

Lesson 1: 
30 Seconds to Change Your Life
Learning how to step back – by taking 30 seconds to focus on your breath – is one of the simplest and most effective ways to feel happier and less stressed.

Discover The Power of Stepping Back

A Simple Habit to Clear Your Mind, Reduce Stress, and

Increase the Happiness, Joy, and Peace You Feel, Every Single Day.

What You’ll Learn:

Our Money Back Guarantee: If you complete this course and practice the exercises every day for 14 days, you WILL notice a positive impact on the way you feel.

Did You Know?

Happiness changes your brain, helping you to think more clearly, become more productive, and achieve any goal you set for yourself.

The Stepping Back Playbook is included with Happiness University, along with hundreds of additional meditations, lessons, and exercises to transform your life.