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5 Ways To Free Yourself From Judgements

Believe it or not, it is actually our thoughts that cause us suffering and not the situation or circumstances. If we do not get accepted to a job we really wanted that fact is surprisingly neutral. Although the thoughts that bubble out around it such as I am not capable or I won’t ever find the right job are not neutral and actually hurt us.

Our judgments are the root of our suffering. Katie Byron is a great teacher on how to form thought inquiry and breakthrough judgments in order to love our reality. To learn her best teachings click here.

Freedom Techniques

The fact is as humans we are perceptual beings. We are trained from birth to label and judge. No, it is not all bad actually our constantly perceiving monkey mind can benefit us. We decide we like personal hygiene, we perceive and enjoy art, and we discern when something doesn’t help us on towards our goals.

Although we humans pride ourselves in our intellect that separates us from animals. We can still have an intrusive monkey mind. It is a gift to be free of judgments and we can apply our willpower in order to stop suffering. Click here to learn how meditation tames the monkey mind.

1. Get Curious

One of the first ways to rewire judgments is to first bring in questioning curiosity. Aggressively addressing yourself after making judgments creates shame and actually more close-mindedness.

It is a step in the opposite direction of expansion. Curiosity opens the door to step out of habit and opens the mind to digging deeper into preconceived notions.


In order to fully stop persistent judgments, you have to get to the root of them. Otherwise, they are still active in subtle ways that can go unnoticed. The beautiful thing about diving into judgments is that even though it can be uncomfortable they clear out judgments within your own self-dialogue as well.

You can practice self-reflecting within our article for healing the chakras through journal prompts. You may enjoy this one for the sacral chakra.

. Perform Turnarounds

Another form of self-reflecting comes from part of what Byron Katie teaches “The Work”. Turnarounds are honoring the fact that others are a mirror of your internal world. Instead of leaving others with the judgments, you labeled onto them turnarounds guide you to look into yourself.

Similar to the quote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” so too are your judgments within you.

After you’ve explored a bit the underlying reasons for your judgment

Affirmations To Release Judgments

When using affirmations repetitively they work their way into your subconscious. This can begin to shift our beliefs and thought patterns. You can practice using these affirmations within a daily practice, journaling them, or repeating them mentally or aloud after a judgment comes to your attention.

  • I trust in the divine nature within all life
  • I see the divinity within everyone I meet
  • I am abundant
  • It is safe for me to be loving
  • Everything is working out the best-case scenario

. Rise Above

Judgments often come from a scarcity mentality. After you have contemplated why they are there to begin with and the exact scarcity they stem from, its time to rise above. For example, people beaming with happiness and dripping with bliss do not typically spend their time judging others.

This means its time to nourish yourself back into a state of love. Whether that is repeating heart chakra opening affirmations or trying these techniques to raise your vibration even at work take the time to raise your spirits because you deserve it.

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