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3 Techniques To Instantly Raise Your Vibration While At Work

The law of attraction is always in motion. It can be hard to create a deep meditation practice for self-reflection in order to realign yourself to the universal flow while at work. This is why we compiled a list of 3 law of attraction techniques you can perform at work. You may also enjoy, using these 3 law of attraction games.


There is potency in spoken word and this can be accessed by using affirmations. Affirmations work to bring your energetic body and belief system to be in harmony with the affirmation you are working with.

Through the law of attraction, when you choose to identify with and focus on a statement you begin to attract the essence of it. An important aspect of getting affirmations to raise your vibration is specifically accessing the emotional body while doing so.

The reason behind this is that when we feel the emotions we would feel as if we were currently living the affirmations we are speaking, we become a vibrational match to living these manifestations rather than a vibrational match to wanting these affirmations.

Picture it this way, when you say I am financially abundant and wealth easily circulates to me and you feel a pang of disappointment in your stomach you are not truly accessing the power of the affirmation.

You are trying to convince yourself you are abundant rather than enjoying and celebrating the fact you are abundant. This is because emotions are “energy in motion” as Abraham Hicks says. To learn about other Abraham Hicks teachings such as How To Prepave For Future Manifestations click here.

Studies show that when we use mantras and attach a meaning to them it increases the release of healing chemicals in the brain. This is called the Psycholinguistic effect [PLE]. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Chanting.

This means while you are at work you can raise your vibration simply by mentally affirming to yourself the reality you would like. Make sure to bring your emotional body along for the ride and you will begin manifesting in no time. Learn affirmations for the root chakra here.

Practice Pranayama

Have you noticed when you are very stressed, feeling depressed, or low energy it actually shows up in your breathing? Some people actually begin holding their breath in response to stress without noticing.

An easily accessible and highly effective technique at centering the mind, boosting your mood, and clearing your energetic body is by this ancient yogi tradition. Learn 4 pranayama techniques for the workplace here!

We recommend you do practice these techniques intentionally and pause what you are doing in order to give your practice your full focus even just for 2 minutes.

Slow It Down

Good things take time. It is common to feel the need to rush especially if deadlines or stress begins to edge its way into your mental space. Though this increase in pace and pressure does not equate productivity.

Slowing down is one of the biggest ways we can take back the reins and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Through slowing down we immediately claim that our mental health is more important than perceived productivity.

This will immediately shift the state you have been in an open up different possibilities. Another is you can being implementing mindfulness techniques. You can try these 10 techniques to practice having a beginner mind.

A beginner mind is one that holds more curiosity than judgment. This welcomes more enjoyment into whatever task is at hand even washing dishes. Picture if you had never seen a sink before, felt water rush over your hands, or understood how to spin a ceramic bowl on a potters wheel.

How differently would you perceive and enjoy the task of washing dishes? You can apply this to repetitive work tasks or simply your approach to anything. This is sure to raise your vibration as you become more open to the possibility of joy finding you.

Continue Your Expansion

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