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How To Feel Happy Instantly: 101 Ways To Be Happier Now

No matter how you feel in any given moment, you ALWAYS have the opportunity to feel happier, more enthusiastic, and more inspired about your life.

Happiness is a constant choice that we have to make for ourselves, every single second of every day. When you consistently choose to feel a little bit better, and a little bit better, over and over again, you begin to take control of your mood and, by extension, your entire life.

So, in this post I thought I’d share a long list of things you can do to change your state of mind, and begin to feel happier, in just a minute or two.

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The Best Ways To Get Happy In 5 Minutes or Less

  1. Step back to breathe. This is one of my favorite breath exercises. Watch this video to learn how.
  2. Meditate. Any amount of meditation will cause your mind to reset and begin to feel more centered and more peaceful. Even if just for a few minutes, you can always take time to meditate and lift your mood. Read more about starting a meditation routine.
  3. Smile at the mirror. Smiling relaxes your face and body and causes you to instantly relieve some stress. Smiling at yourself in the mirror feels weird the first time you do it, but it also helps you to build self love and appreciation.
  4. Smile at others . Smiling at others is just as important. Most people aren’t used to smiling routinely, but it will make both you and the other person feel a tad better instantly.
  5. Change location. Sometimes feeling bad is nothing more than a minor funk. You get stuck on the sofa watching tv, or crammed in your chair at work. Just get up and move somewhere else. Go to a cafe or even just a different room. This will reset your mind and help you kickstart a positive spiral.
  6. Read a book. Reading is a great way to distract yourself from a bad mood. Again, it’s all about resetting your point of focus.
  7. Go for a walk. Anytime you go outside you allow yourself to get in touch with the natural environment. Even in a city, getting a breath of fresh air can be enough to feel more refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.
  8. Study a flower Look for beauty in the natural world. There is always a plant or flower you can observe, and if you take the time to really look at it, you might be surprised by just how calming a single flower can be.
  9. Touch a tree. The same is true when you go out to touch a tree. You ground yourself to the Earth and your natural environment, and reconnect with your inner sense of joy.
  10. Put your feet in running water. Water is a great medium for grounding because it enlivens and heals your second chakra. Find a natural stream or other outlet, and just feel the water lapping against your toes and ankles.
  11. List 5 things you’re grateful for. Gratitude is one of the single most powerful habits you can develop in order to rewire your brain for happiness and success. If you do this exercise once you’ll begin to feel better, but it’s most effective when you do it consistently, every day.
  12. Rampage of appreciation. Abraham Hicks teaches the importance of doing a rampage of appreciation in order to put yourself into alignment with your goals. It’s a powerful gratitude practice that will quickly raise your energy.

Continue to Part II of this article for more happiness hacks, tips, and exercises.

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