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Financially Stressed? These Meditation Techniques Are For You

Financial stress can feel easy to let yourself become overwhelmed in, but it doesn’t actually help. Whether you need to make some changes or you find yourself stuck in a hard place, fixing your mental state is the first step. Learn more about how to make a quick mind shifts here.

Meditation Techniques To Release Financial Stress

Have you ever had a problem that you needed to fix and the more upset you got the less logically you were able to think? You may have noticed through becoming more stressed and placing more pressure on yourself may not actually help you in the long run.

Now caring for your finances can not be avoided, thus learning meditation techniques to release financial stress are key ingredients to regaining your financial footing. One of the most important reminders is that you do not need to be hard on yourself to motivate yourself.

This means you do not have to beat yourself up or punish yourself in order to fix your finances. In fact, it is productive to apply self-care and meditation techniques which will benefit your mental body by helping bring your perspective to a clear state.

Start From The Right Space

Before checking your balance, if you got that job offer, or whatever it is that may be an origin of financial stress for you, find your center. Take 5 minutes to center yourself with either pranayama or visualization techniques.

This will help you remain in a more balanced state even if you are focusing on something that can spark a lot of emotion for you. Check out our list of calming pranayama techniques you can use to meditate with.

Let Go of Over Spending

If you find yourself wishing you would have refrained from purchases you made, then working with meditation will help. Whether it is addictive shopping or needing to reduce your spending limit there are a couple of techniques you can use to support you.

First, developing a regular meditation practice will help you to reduce attachment to material objects and break habits. This is because it will slowly dissolve the ego’s grip on you which does require a continuous commitment otherwise you can find yourself wrapped up in attachment.

If you are struggling to find time to meditate this article is full of tips for you.

Second, similar to the first technique practice a short meditation before making a purchase. Empty your mind and your attachment to the object of purchase. You can practice taking a mindful walk around the store if you do not want to sit and have a formal meditation.

Then, after five minutes go ahead and return to the object and see if it still feels necessary to purchase. This practice begins to create space between impulses and bring clarity to your purchases.

Move Out From Scarcity

What is a scarcity mindset? This is a mindset situated with a focus on the glass being half full and is a pessimistic perspective entailing not having enough. This can encompass a lack of generosity due to a fear of not having enough.

Now an abundance mindset does not mean painting everything rose-colored until you can’t see reality anymore. An abundance mindset is a belief you are worthy of abundance, that your needs will be met, and includes taking steps fearlessly to make this happen as well.

To move out of a scarcity mindset and into an abundance mindset gratitude is an amazing gateway. One of the biggest benefits of living in an abundance mindset is how this affects your reality via the law of attraction.

Additional Techniques

We offer a 30-day meditation course that will guide beginners to start their meditation practice and find the necessary tools and assistance to do so. This will greatly help reduce stress in your life if you are ready to dive into the practice because there is a lot to gain from it!

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