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Health Benefits

It’s no secret that meditation is a powerful tool for improving your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It has been proven to help with everything from improving your memory and brain function to raising your energy and overall physical vitality. it has also been correlated with improvements across a number of different clinical diseases.

In addition to your physical health, meditation can dramatically increase your focus, concentration, and resilience, which in turn promotes increased productivity and better decision-making. Not only that, but individuals who practice meditation report exponential increases in their personal happiness and feelings of peace, love, and well-being.

In this post, we’ll take a look at over 100 scientifically proven health benefits of meditation, and how you can use this incredible practice to dramatically improve your quality of life.

Clinically Proven Benefits of Meditation

Improve Your Memory

Meditation improves cognition function along with a vast list of cognitive benefits from creating better listening skills, treating PTSD, and even strengthening our willpower. Learn more about How Meditation Improves Your Memory.

Slow Your Respiration Rate

Your breath rate sets the foundation for the rest of your physical health. Learn how meditation slows your respiration rate.

Enter Deep States of Relaxation

Deep relaxation is where the body repairs itself and where the mind can heal traumas it has been through. Although the health benefits of it are known, it can still be hard for people to get there. Learn how meditation helps you relax.

Lose Weight

Meditation is clinically proven to help with weight loss, both by regulating body chemistry and increasing one’s mental awareness around food.

Fortify the Brain

The brain has been discovered to be neuroplastic and meditation has been shown to fortify and mold the brain to reap amazing benefits and strengths.

Produce Calming Neurotransmitters

Meditation has been proven to release calming eurotransmitters, which work to guide the rest of your body into a blissful state as they communicate and connect to every cell of your body. Learn more.

Calm The Monkey Mind

The monkey mind is a term for the primal and natural parts of our minds that are overly active and bouncing from thought to thought. Learn how meditation helps to quiet these thoughts.

Improve Sleep

Whether you practice evening meditation or have a consistent daily meditation habit, taking time to quiet the mind helps improve your sleep. Learn more about how pranayama helps to improve your sleep.

Build a Bigger Brain

Most of us know that those who wake up early in the morning to practice meditation before they start their day generate emotional benefits. Did you know that the benefits don’t just stop at mental sanity and inner peace? Your brain actually becomes stronger and bigger through meditation!

Assist In Whole Brain Synchronization

The corpus callosum is a cross-linking bundle of nerves that works basically as a bridge connecting both hemispheres of the brain. Meditation helps strengthen and connect these centers through whole brain synchronization.

Aid Digestion

Meditation helps us process our thoughts, belief systems, and attachments. It helps us digest change mentally and physically it helps us digest our food. Yes, meditation can help optimize and aid your digestive system.

Strengthen the Immune System

As scientists continue to study the extensive benefits of meditation, we are also seeing that a consistent meditation practice can improve and strengthen your immune system.

Boost Melatonin Production

When you talk to avid meditators and long term yogis, the benefits of meditation are seemingly endless. Among them: meditation’s ability to increase melatonin production and improve sleep.

Improve Gut-Brain Axis Health

We all know the brain has a huge impact on the body’s function. Meditation gives us the ability to heal the brain. Did you know that through the simple act of meditation you can create a healthy gut-brain axis?

Increase Energy

Meditation creates numerous benefits throughout not just the mental and psychological bodies but the physical body as well. Did you know meditation can increase your energy levels and actually provide you with needing less sleep?

Relax Your Nervous System

When the body perceives stress many things happen at once. If we are chronically stressed our body’s nervous system becomes overactive and detrimental to our health. This is why it is important to meditate soothing the nervous system which we can do through meditation.

Strengthen Willpower and Self-Discipline

Looking to form a new habit that just won’t stick? Or are you trying to kick an old one that isn’t supporting your growth? Meditation can help strengthen willpower and self-discipline, to help you reach any goal.

Improve Lung Capacity

With one of the main anchoring points of focus for meditation being the breath, it is no wonder it can have profound effects on boosting lung capacity and improving your overall breathing function. 

Rewire Flight or Flight Mode

Did you know meditation has the ability to rewire the whole body? From the brain, all the way throughout the functioning of our autonomic nervous system, meditation can rewire the fight or flight response

Improve The Endocrine System

The body has a natural way of healing and rebalancing itself. When we practice meditation we become more focused, are brought into deeper joy, and also boost the endocrine system.

Read Positive Impacts of Meditation on Your Health

Slow Aging

Weight Loss

Beat Addictions

Boost Endorphins

Relieve Inflammation

Boost Seratonin

Increase Libido

Lengthen Telomeres and Boost Telomerase

Clinical Conditions

Help Dementia and Alzheimers

Treatment For Eating Disorders

Increase Pregnancy Health

Cure Headaches and Find Migraine Relief

Help Infertility

Cure Insomnia

Decrease Cortisol

Boost GABA

Improve Circulation

Overcome OCD

Matches a Runners High

Ease PMS

Cure Headaches

Produce Faster Healing

Relieve Pain

Emotional Health

Treat Postpartum Depression

Increase Resilience

Boost Manifestation

Turn On Fearlessness

Improve Focus and Concentration

Create Compassion

Clear The Chakras

Reduce Anger

Calm Mental Chatter

Cure Phobias

Reduce Stress

Open The Third Eye Chakra

Improve ADD and ADHD

Create a Positive Mindset

Promotes Adaptability

Treat PTSD

Cure Anxiety


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