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Find PMS Relief Naturally with Meditation

Menstruation has been a controversial topic for many years and still is in some cultures despite its extremely natural origin. This can lead female-bodied people to neglect finding treatments for any monthly PMS symptoms that present themselves.

This natural problem may have a secret natural treatment, meditation. Those battling chronic pain have found that through meditation one can strengthen their mind over matter techniques, which may also be able to apply itself to easing PMS symptoms.

Should Periods Be Painful?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors, the menstrual cycle should not be painful and if it is then there is an imbalance that is asking for your attention in order to be treated.

Many female-bodied people report symptoms ranging from uncomfortable to excruciating finding that some are unable to walk. These symptoms can include abdominal bloating, breast sensitivity, heightened emotions, lower back pain, depression, cramps, headaches, and food cravings.

These symptoms can present themselves mildly or severely. Treatments such as contraceptives and strong pain killers may even be prescribed. In history, the menstrual period was a time of reflection for female-bodied people.

This was due to the fact when on their menstrual cycle they would gather in what was called the red tent. Partially this was due to collecting the menstrual blood while it was also included to be a time to rest and recuperate.

Meditation and PMS

Painful periods commonly referring to abdominal cramps are known as dysmenorrhoea. A study was performed to show the relationship between stress and dysmenorrhoea. The study followed 388 women and analyzed 1160 menstrual cycles.

The results showed that stress was directly linked to a higher likelihood of occurrence of dysmenorrhoea. This was especially true for female-bodied people that have previously had a history of dysmenorrhoea.

While those suffering from chronic pain have benefitted much from meditation and mindfulness practices. This may be something female-bodied people can benefit from as well! Begin your practice by trying this guided mindfulness sound meditation.

The mental aspect of meditation that guides the practitioner to view themselves from an objective and neutral observer perspective can allow them to disassociate a negative perspective to the pain. This can allow one to perceive the pain as a neutral and strong sensation and free themselves from suffering. Click here for a 15-minute mindfulness meditation to find relief from pain.

The other practice of meditation that strengthens mental focus can guide the meditator to use this stronger muscle of focus to focus on more pleasurable sensations rather than perceived discomfort from PMS. If you are looking to find how you can begin your meditation practice as a beginner click here.

Yoga and Menstruation

Yoga asanas, or yoga poses, can help ease menstrual pain and PMS symptoms. The student approaching yoga asanas while on their cycle should be more gentle and avoid raising the pelvis above the heart as this can disrupt the cycle by directing the blood flow back into the body.

Restorative yoga which is a slow-paced relaxation-based yoga asana practice. Many props are Try yoga with Adrienne’s online yoga for cramps and PMS.

Continue Reaping Healing Benefits

The health benefits of meditation are far too numerous to fit within one blog post. Click here to see our list of the many more healing benefits of meditation.

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