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Meditation Is The Ultimate Ingredient of Success

Sure, we are all searching for success in some regard. This can be financial, romantic, family related, or a career goal that determines success for you.

What if we told you that there is a simple practice you can do that can increase your rate of productivity and success? Keep reading to learn the scientifically-backed key points of how meditation increases success.

Strengthened Willpower and Self-Discipline

In order to create success one of the first things you will need is commitment. Commitment is another word for willpower and self-discipline and meditation has the ability to increase both.

Within only an 8-week mindfulness meditation program activity within the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex has been shown to increase through a study performed by Barbara Tomasino and other researchers.

For those of you who don’t know the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is responsible for self-regulation, implementing delayed gratification, and withstanding cravings. This is groundbreaking news for those who are struggling to stay strong against impulsivity and commit to their path of success.

Heightened Focus and Concentration

To apply focus a mind over matter approach is required. The same is required when sitting down for a meditation practice in order to watch your thoughts and emotions from an objective point of view.

Except during meditation you are able to increase your ability to maintain focus at a skyrocketing rate. Meditation creates mental training and its practice will deepen your depth of meditation as well as your cognitive control.

As a tool for combatting anxiety disorders, meditation strengthens the prefrontal cortex. Which is responsible for our organization of thought, planning, decision making, and evaluating the impact of actions.

Try these 4 meditation exercises to increase focus.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte looked at students and their ability to perform a cognitive computer test after going through a 4-day meditation training. This training only required 20 minutes of meditation a day.

The results of the meditation students were compared to a control group which showed that the meditators performed the task 10 times better even on a specifically difficult test.

The study also looked at the meditator’s performance while under-pressure due to a test that came with a time deadline. This means taking only 20 minutes to meditate each day you are starting your drive on the road to success.

The Happiness Advantage

The fact is “Those who are happy experience 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, 3x greater creativity, and 23% fewer fatigue symptoms.

Happy people are also up to 10x more engaged, 40% more likely to receive a promotion, and 39% more likely to live to age 94.” according to Shawn Achor. This is what he calls the happiness advantage that meditation can stimulate.

Hormonally, serotonin plays a key role in our happiness and emotional regulation as well as sexual function and desires, memory and learning, appetite, and sleep. Research also shows that regular meditators naturally have higher levels of serotonin than non-meditators.

In 2003 a medical hypothesis by Newberg AB, Iversen J., in the neural basis of the complex mental task of meditation: neurotransmitter and neurochemical considerations, showed that after the participants’ meditation sessions there was a rise in the breakdown products of serotonin. This means that more serotonin was produced and used within the body after meditation.

Ready To Get Started Meditating

Well, we have a huge list of resources to guide you on beginning or expanding your meditation journey from meditation exercises you can do at work even to articles that will help you to fix falling asleep while meditating.

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