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15 Benefits of Reciting Om Mani Padme Hum – Mantra Meditation

What Is Om Mani Padme Hum?

Om Mani Padme Hum is a common phrase used in Buddhist mantra meditation, and is usually translated to mean The Jewel Is In The Lotus.

It is said to be one of the most powerful mantras, such that even saying it a single time can be enough for an experienced disciple to release negative karma and achieve enlightenment!

While there are innumerable benefits of om mani padme hum, Buddhist tradition tells us there are 15 primary reasons to use this mantra. The major 15 benefits of reciting Om Mani Padme Hum are:

  1. In every life, you will meet with virtuous kings, or spiritual leaders, which will provide the opportunity to practice Dharma.
  2. You will always be born in a place where the practice of Dharma is widespread and easily available. For example, you will have access to temples, gurus, and practices to help you attain joy and enlightenment.
  3. You will always have all of the necessary conditions for your practice. You will have enough good fortune to be able to practice your meditations and teachings.
  4. You will have opportunities to meet virtuous friends.
  5. You will have a body that is perfect and capable of carrying you towards enlightenment.
  6. Your mind will become attuned to the path of virtue.
  7. You will create a strong sense of personal morality, which will not diminish.
  8. People in your life will be harmonious with you.
  9. You will always have enough financial well-being and wealth to live well.
  10. You will always be protected and served by others.
  11. You will not lose your wealth to thieves and robbers.
  12. You will have the ability to succeed at whatever you choose for yourself.
  13. You will always be protected by virtuous nagas and devas.
  14. In every life you will be in a position to see Buddha and hear the Dharma.
  15. When you hear the Dharma, you will be able to understand and practice the divine meaning of emptiness.

Anyone who recites this mantra and uses it consistently in meditation will be able to develop these virtues.

Meaning and Significance: The Jewel Is In The Lotus.

As I mentioned above, Om Mani Padme Hum is most commonly translated as: The Jewel Is In The Lotus.

According to Buddhist traditions, reciting this phrase is one tool that can help aid you on the path to enlightenment, and the Dalai Lama consistently praises its power to purify the mind and help you cultivate inner wisdom.

In the phrase, the “jewel” is a pure state of mind, or enlightenment, while the “lotus” is a symbol for wisdom. In other words, wisdom leads to enlightenment.

The wisdom intended in this phrase is not knowledge, but rather a sense of inner sight and clarity of mind. Quieting the mind the mind is an important path towards enlightenment.

Let’s break down the phrase into it’s individual words.

Om – The sound of the universe. The universal energy, or God-force, which is said to be placed in action through the vibration of the sound Om.

Mani – Commonly translated as ‘jewel,’ Mani should really be viewed in terms of each syllable. The first, “ma” sound is intended to release jealousy and attachment, while the “ni” sound is intended to cultivate self-compassion and patience as we release desires.

Padme – Often translated as lotus, and represent a symbol for wisdom. The first syllable, “pad,” releases judgments and prejudices that we hold, while the second syllable, “me,” increase our concentration as we release those judgments.

Hum – The final syllable, hum is said to represent the unshakeable force, and is used to cultivate a sense of inner wisdom, while releasing thoughts of hatred or aggression.

SyllableSix ParamitasPurifiesSamsaric RealmColorsSymbol
OmGenerosityPride and EgoDevasWhiteWisdom
MaEthicsJealous and LustAsurasGreenCompassion
NiPatiencePassion and DesireHumansYellowBody, speech, and mind
PadDiligenceIgnorance and PrejudiceAnimalsBlueEquanimity
MeRenunciaionGreed and PossessivenessPretasRedBliss
HumWisdomAggression and HatredNarakaBlackCompassion

Free Download: Om Mani Padme Hum MP3

Here is the traditional Om Mani Padme Hum song set to meditation music.

Guided Om Mani Padme Hum Meditation Song with Music

Here is a youtube version of the mantra. Learn more at The Buddhist Centre website.

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