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The Sankalpa Mantra: Living With Intention of Heart and Mind

Sankalpa is an ancient yogic tradition that empowers you to live fully from your heart center, and to receive a life overflowing with love, prosperity, and your innermost, heart-centered desires.

In this post we’ll take a look at the san kalpa mantra, and outline a few statements you can use to apply this powerful technique to your life.

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San Kalpa: Meaning and Definition

Sankalpa (also written San Kalpa) is a Sanskrit word used to refer to a life lived with heartfelt intentions.

Most literally, sankalpa can be translated as a single-pointed focus or resolve. It is the will. the solemn individual resolution or vow to act in accordance with your aim, and to witness the manifestation of that aim in the physical world.

Commonly, the practice of San Kalpa is used in combination with Yoga Nidra techniques, and is aimed at gaining clarity and focus in your life. When used in combination with yoga nidra, the practitioner enters a very deep meditation conducive to the reception of spiritual inspiration and innner guidance from the intuitive Higher Self.

How To Use The San Kalpa Mantra

Like most common mantras, the key to invoking the power of sankalpa is through repetition.

You can use this mantra in two ways. The first is to include it into your meditation practice, and sit quietly in meditation drawing your focus entirely onto this phrase. When your mind wanders, simply notice that it has veered off course, and think the mantra once again.

The second technique is to practice repeating the phrase consistently as you go through your day. Every twenty or thirty minutes, take a moment to step back and remember to say “San Kalpa” quietly to yourself.

This will help you to retain your focus and realign your actions with your heartfelt intentions as you go about your normal routine.

A third practice is to use the following sutra statements for this mantra.

San Kalpa Sutra Statements

In his book, Synchrodestiny, Deepak Chopra includes San Kalpa as Day 4 of his sutra practice. He writes several powerful affirmations and sutra statements you can use in order to truly internalize and begin to live from the presence of this mantra in your life.

  • Imagine that the whole universe is a vast ocean of consciousness, and your intentions shoot out from within your heart and ripple across the vast ocean of consciousness.
  • Imagine that your intention is orchestrating the infinite activity of the universe, counterbalancing the whole ecosystem.
  • Imagine that your intention can heal those who are not well.
  • Imagine that your intention can bring joy and laughter to those who are in sorrow.
  • Imagine that you can bring success to those who are failing.
  • Imagine that you can bring strength to those who feel weak and fearful.
  • Imagine that you can bring hope to those who are feeling hopeless.
  • Imagine that your thoughts affect the natural forces of the universe, that you can bring rain and sunshine, clouds, and rainbows.
  • Imagine that every thought you have, every word you utter, every deed of yours brings some benefit to the world.

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