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How To Follow Your Intuition: Trusting Innner Guidance

How To Use Intuition

You have a constant source of guidance that is always available to you.

Whether you realize it or not, your intuition provides a connecting link to everything that you could ever want or need, and, if you learn to trust your intuition, it will help you to be, do, or have anything that you.

Sometimes, following this guidance can come from direct communication with spiritual guides or your akashic records, while other times it can come through a dream, a synchronous event that jumps out at you, or simply a gut feeling about what you should do.

Receiving Specific Messages

If you connect to your Akashic Records through meditation or are in communication with spirit guides, then interpreting the information you receive can be a subtle art.

It’s important to remember that while the information from spirit is always spot-on, sometimes our reception to it is not. Guidance is only as good as the person who communicates it, and can be easily misunderstood.

If you received a specific message, remember that the words or image you received may not be meant to be interpreted literally. Look for symbolic or metaphorical meanings behind the message, and then see how those metaphors may be playing a role in your life.

The exact ways in which this manifests can be different for each person, and you might even receive different results during different sessions. Fortunately, there is a simple way to tell what you should do.

If You Feel Good, You Are On Track

Your emotions provide you with the perfect system to interpret whether or not you are thinking about your guidance in the right way.

When you feel good, you are following your guidance, and are on track with what your intuition has been telling you. When you feel bad, you’re off-track. The system could not be more simple!

Begin to cultivate a sense of expansion and contraction in your solar plexus, and then listen to what your own energy is telling you. As you think about a message you’ve received, how does it feel? If it feels bad, think about what else it could mean, and try to think of different ways you can interpret the same idea. Play around with this process until it feels right, and then act in accordance with the new thought.

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