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5 Minute Mindfulness Activities for Well-Being

We all have the ability to step back, reset, and tune-in to a natural, inner sense of joy, peace, and well-being, any time that we choose.

The challenge is…we don’t.

In this post, I’m going to share a few of my favorite exercises that prove that mindfulness does NOT have to be difficult. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes to turn your attention within, and focus on the well-being that you already have available to you.

These powerful, 5 minute mindfulness activities for well-being can be done pretty much anytime, anywhere, whether you’re alone at home, or in a crowded office.

The point is to be able to have a number of strategies and exercises you can use, that you can bring forward into the day with you, so no matter what is going on, you always have the opportunity to reset.

5 Minute Mindfulness Activities for Well-Being

You can find guided versions of these exercises in The Joy Within’s membership area.

Step Back and Breathe

The first strategy I like to turn to is to step back and focus on my breath. This is a really powerful technique, because you can adapt it to fit any circumstance you are in, whether you have just a few seconds, or 5 minutes or more.

Begin by taking a deep breath in, and let out a loud sigh. You may wish to repeat this a few times.

Then, turn your attention within and focus on your breath. Allow yourself to breathe easily, and just spend a few moments breathing in and out of your body. See if you can notice the sensations you feel, without placing judgment on them.

Listen to this guided version of the technique to go deeper.

Mindful Walking Exercise

Another great mindful activity to have in your toolkit is mindful walking.

Again, you can use this exercise pretty much anytime. I think it’s nicest to use outside in a park or quiet street, but I have also used it many times in an office, crowded airport, or other unconventional space.

The crux of the exercise is simply to draw your attention to every single step you take. Become as aware of each step as possible, really noticing how you place your foot on the ground, the sensation as you move through the step, and the way each step propels your body forward.

The first few times you try this exercise, I recommend you move slowly, but with practice, it’s easy to apply at any speed!

Listen to a Positive Rampage

Another of my favorite activities for stepping back and resetting is to listen to a positive rampage. Abraham Hicks first popularized this technique, and you can use it to improve your mood on any subject that you choose.

All you have to do is think a thought, and then try to find a slightly-better feeling version of that thought. Keep repeating this process, following where the chain of positive thoughts takes you, being sure to rest into the feeling of each thought.

You can find an example of this technique here.

Use a Quick Visualization Technique

Visualization is a powerful technique that can help you to ease yourself away from scattered or stressful thoughts, and focus on a desired future state you want to experience.

There are many different techniques you could use, but one of the most basic is to close your eyes and imagine yourself into a specific, desired future experience. Try to become as clear as possible about what the experience feels like, noticing as many details as you can, and engaging with as many of your senses as you can.

Read more about how to use visualization in this post.

Dive Into Your Senses

Sensory awareness is one of the main pillars of mindfulness.

Taking time to really tune-in to the different experiences that each of your 5 senses can provide for you is an incredibly powerful way to focus on the peace and well-being of the present moment.

There are many different strategies that you can use, tailored for each of the different sense-perceptions, so if this activity sounds interesting to you, read this post on Mindful Exercises for the 5 Senses.

You won’t be disappointed!

Conscious Smiling

Another one of my favorite mindfulness activities is something I like to call Conscious Smiling.

Basically…just smile! But do it deliberately, mindfully, and hold your smile for longer than you are probably accustomed to smiling.

The first time you try this strategy, it will probably feel a little bit awkward. We have unconsciously trained ourselves NOT to smile in most circumstances.

But, simply allowing your lips to relax, and your mouth to curl open into a light smile is incredibly heart-warming, and helps you to snap into a calm, happy state almost immediately.

Learn more about the benefits of smiling more, every day.

Tea or Coffee Meditation

Have you ever noticed how wonderful it feels to sit quietly for a few moments, holding a hot beverage?

I honestly think it’s one of the greatest simple daily pleasures in life.

There is something insanely comforting about that feeling of a warm mug in hand, resting back into your chair, allowing your face to hover over the steaming tea or coffee that I find incredibly relaxing.

It’s an easy (and very socially acceptable) way to relax and enjoy a few minutes of me-time, no matter where you are in your day.

Insight Reading

Insight Reading is a great mindful activity that you can incorporate into many different times of your day.

This just means you take a few minutes to read (or, perhaps, to remind yourself) of a single, inspirational or spiritual quote.

This isn’t your average reading time. To make reading truly insightful you have to read much more slowly than you normally would. I like to take several minutes per sentence.

Read the sentence, then allow your gaze to drift softly and reflect on what you read. Then, read it again, more slowly. Repeat that a few times, or maybe you even read it aloud, quietly to yourself.

The idea is to let the idea sink in by giving yourself time to absorb the short passage, rather than reading just to…well, read. That way, you find a natural, intuitive response to the passage, rather than the default, logical one.

Learn more about How To Awaken Your Intuition.

5 Minute Gratitude Exercise

Lastly, I think one of the best uses of an extra 5 minutes is to focus on things that you feel grateful for. You can choose to appreciate anything, big or small, personal or impersonal. You could choose to be grateful for the flower on your desk, or the loving family that always supports you.

If you don’t know where to begin, I recommend you follow along with this 5 minute gratitude exercise, which guides you through how to feel grateful for different subject areas, one at a time.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Explore more mindfulness exercises in this post.

Next Steps and Where To Go From Here

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these easy 5 minute mindfulness activities for well-being. As I mentioned, the power of these simple exercises rests with our ability to come back to them routinely throughout the day.

If you do, these techniques will work wonders in your life. They are part of a simple system we teach here at The Joy Within to help you tune-in to your most authentic self.

Our membership program offers guided versions of all of the above exercises, plus many other strategies you can use, along with proven courses to teach you how to step back from stressful and negative thoughts by harnessing the power of your natural inner joy. –> so you can become the calm, confident, and happy person you deserve to be.

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Kyle Greenfield

Kyle Greenfield is the Founder and CEO of The Joy Within, where our mission is to help you win the fight against stress and negativity by harnessing the power of your natural, inner joy. Kyle has been teaching on meditation, mindfulness, and how to eliminate negative thoughts since 2016. He currently resides in London. You can follow Kyle on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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