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5 Products To Help You Practice Mindfulness

Between our busy schedules and the stresses of everyday life, finding moments to ourselves can be pretty difficult. 

But I promise it’s not impossible. 

Regardless of how hectic life might get, however, it’s important that we dedicate at least a few minutes to our mental well-being. 

While you certainly don’t need any special tools or products to practice mindfulness, there are some options that may make the process easier. Especially for those looking for a little extra motivation. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite products for those looking for tools to begin or deepen their mindfulness journey. 

Tools For Mindfulness 

1. Guided Journal 

For me, journaling is very intimidating. Sometimes the idea of into a blank page without anything to write actually makes me feel more stressed than before. 

That’s why guided journals are one of my personal favorite tools for enhancing my mindfulness practice. 

There are a huge variety of guided journals that provide everything from prompts to exercises to guide you through your journey. 

One great one I’d recommend is Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

2. Meditation Cushion 

Meditation can be done from wherever you please. 

Having a dedicated, comfortable spot to sit, however, is a great way to increase focus and intention during your practice. 

Not to mention, there are a ton of beautiful cushions that will look aesthetically stunning in your meditation space!  

3. Clay

Clay is a great way to channel your inner child while practicing mindfulness. 

There are all different kinds of clay, from self-hardening to colorful selections for jewelry making.

If you’d like, you can create something useful like a soap dish or small bowl. 

However, it doesn’t really matter what you make. The simple act of kneading and playing with the clay is what will give your mind a chance to shift its focus to the here and now. 

4. Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness cards are a great product to implement into your daily life if you’re looking to become more mindful. 

These ones on Amazon, for example, include a variety of cards featuring inspiriting phrases and bite-size mindfulness exercises. 

Leave them by your bed or on your desk so you can grab one at the beginning or end of each day. 

Read through the phrases and work through each of the exercises each and every day as consistency is the best way to shift your mindset.  

5. Timer 

Yep, we’re talking about a simple stopwatch. 

This will be used to remind you to take a few moments to focus on your breathing throughout the day

By doing so, you’re mind and body will have a chance to realign their energies and reset your mindset.

While it doesn’t matter what timer you choose, but we would recommend using something separate from your cell phone to keep you from getting distracted. 

Set your timer throughout the day (think every few hours) as a reminder to breathe. 

It can be for just 1 minute. All that matters is that you are focused. 

Remember, you don’t need to rush out and buy everything on this list. 

What works perfectly for some people, may not work as well for others. Think about the things that resonate the most with you and give them a try. 

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