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Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness With Others

Mindfulness, or the ability to remain aware of our thoughts and feelings in the present moment, is one of the most powerful traits we can practice as humans. 

From our relationship with ourselves to our overall wellbeing, our ability to be mindful affects almost every aspect of our lives. It can bring improvements to both physical and psychological symptoms such as health, attitudes, and behaviors. 

When it comes to our relationships with others, mindfulness is one of the best ways to keep connections intact and thriving.

This is because it allows us to really hone in on one another’s feelings and create room for meaningful, authentic conversation and connections. 

By remaining present and aware, we are able to enhance our relationships with others through a deeper understanding of their circumstances. 

Tips To Be More Mindful Of Others


One simple way to be more mindful of others that often goes overlooked is listening.

The key here is to do only that: listen. Don’t interrupt, don’t make the conversation about you, and definitely don’t look at your phone. 

Focus on what they are saying, and try your hardest to avoid thinking up your response while the other person is talking. 

Angle your body towards them and look them in the eyes. This is the best way to make people feel heard. 

It will also ensure trust and encourage your loved one to open up more deeply. 

Offer Help 

After you’ve listened to your friend or families’ thoughts or feelings, you may wish to offer them a helping hand. 

They may share something they need help with. However, most of the time, people are simply looking for someone to hear them. 

The important part is that you are offering them no-strings-attached assistance. This will also offer them more of an opportunity to open up to you and ultimately heal. 


A good goal is to make sure that your mindfulness extends to everyone, not just your friends and family. 

One great way to do this is by volunteering. This will help you to become more aware of your surroundings and people in need. 

It will also help you to get comfortable with performing positive actions with no expectations of receiving anything in return.

No matter where you are, there are always a ton of great local volunteer opportunities just one Google search away.

Find a program that resonates with you and you will begin reaping the mental benefits of your good deed in no time.  

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Thoughtfulness and understanding are two major keys to practicing mindfulness with others. 

Of course, the approach to listening that we discussed earlier in this article is a great way to begin understanding someone more, but really being present is much more than that. 

Put yourself in the others person’s shoes. This is a great way to practice compassion and understanding as well.

Think of the ways that you would like to be approached or communicated with and demonstrate the same. 

Remember that time your roommate went out for ice cream, not knowing that you’ve been craving ice cream all day. 

Of course, she didn’t know. Next time you’re running out to the store, though, use that experience as a reason to check in with your roommates and see if they need anything. 

Even if they don’t, it’s always nice to feel thought of. 

This is not to say that you should always be putting others before yourself. You should always be your priority. 

This is simply a matter of consideration and treating others the way you’d like to be treated.

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