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Grounding Techniques To Create Powerful Healing

When our minds are running all over the place and our body is begging for us to move a little slower we can benefit from some nourishing grounding techniques.

Benefits Of Grounding

Whether we need to place our feet on the ground for our big dreams to take roots, build stability in our emotions, or feel confident enough to let negativity roll off of us, the earth offers us a continuous stream of nourishment. Click here to learn the basics of what grounding.

Grounding is the mental, emotional, and spiritual process of rooting your consciousness back into connection with the earth. This has the effect of calming the mind, dissolving unnecessary mental chatter, balancing the emotions, and bringing your awareness into the physical plane.



Scientific studies have proven the strong effect visualizations have on the body. The neurons within our brain actually interpret visualizations the same as real-life events, stimulating the same hormone production as if this were actually happening.

Meaning when we take the time to visualize grounding ourselves our bodies will respond to this imagery. This technique will also work to strengthen the root chakra and third eye chakra.

The root chakra is associated with the earth and our inner foundation while the third eye chakra is associated with perception and clear seeing. Find a quiet place you can be undisturbed so you can practice these grounding visualizations below:

  • Sitting straight up take a deep breath and close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting upon the earth whether in a forest, jungle, or a park. Bring your focus to visually seeing yourself here. How does the sunlight hit your face? Does is feel warm? Does a gentle breeze blow through your hair? Can you feel if the soil is cool and damp against your skin? Bring your awareness to the smell of nature. Allow yourself to feel fully supported by mother nature. Bring your attention to the root chakra seated at the base of your spine. Visualize the roots of a strong tree growing out of your first chakra and into the earth’s soil. With every bit deeper the roots grown feel yourself driving nutrients from this soil. Allow the earth to nourish you through your roots. Keep visualizing your roots until they reach the center of the earth. Spend a couple moments here with your roots drinking up bright white or golden light from the core of the earth. When you are ready, leave your roots connected to the center of the earth. Bring your focus up through your root system and back into your heart space.

To learn more about how to get visualization to work for you click here.


Earthing is when the human body is in contact with the electrons of the earth. This can be done through electrically conductive materials as well such as earthing mats or by walking barefoot. There have been many studies proving that earthing actually has powerful health benefits on the physical body.

This study discusses that “Electrons from the Earth may in fact be the best antioxidants, with zero negative secondary effects, because our body evolved to use them over eons of physical contact with the ground. Our immune systems work beautifully as long as electrons are available to balance the ROS and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) used when dealing with infection and tissue injury.”

Low Pitch Sounding

When we create sound from our vocal cords it works to drop our attention deeper into our bodies. Especially when we make low toned noises such as groaning or humming.

In the book The Humming Effect, Jonathan and Andi Goldman explore the science and techniques of humming. They explain how self-created sounds can lower stress levels, improve sleep, and increases lymphatic circulation. It is powerful enough to literally rearrange molecular structure and creates new neural pathways in the brain.

Click here to follow a guided meditation to focus on sound.

Get In Your Body

Another great way to anchor your mind into a state of peace is by bringing your awareness into your body. This can be done through mindfulness practices that increase your sensitivity to the senses. To explore more mindfulness exercises for the five senses click here.

You may make a cup of tea and consciously slowly sip it. Feel the warmth washing down your body and follow it with your internal gaze. You can give yourself a self-massage in order to feel your body more fully. Both will have strong calming effects as well.

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