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How To See Auras For Beginners

What is your aura? First of all the aura is the human electromagnetic energy field. This energy field is held throughout the human body and radiates outward about two to three feet from it. The entire chakra system resides within this energy field.

The auric field is the subtle energy layers of matter and can take practice to begin to see. Seeing auras is a sensitivity anyone can grow with patience and the right techniques.

When seeing auras one can begin to read them through the colors, shapes, and brightness they present themselves in.

Exercises To Connect To The Aura

One of the main ways to begin seeing auras is to develop a sensitivity to them. This can be done through mindfulness practices to increase our extra sensory perceptions.

You can begin doing this by scanning through each of the chakras in your aura with your hands each day. This will bring you to become familiar with their energy and fluctuations.

Building this sensitivity will directly correlate to the way you are able to sense auras with your sight as well.

Begin Practicing Seeing Auras

To begin to practice seeing auras there are two key components to support you in this process. First, you should be practicing while in a meditative and open-minded state. To do this you can follow one of these to learn how to meditate for beginners.

Secondly, it is easier to see the aura against a white background. It is possible to see humans, plants, animals, and objects auras.

To begin it can be easiest to focus on another human’s aura. Although, you can also practice seeing your own aura by looking into a mirror and following the two prior techniques.

To begin seeing another person’s aura, find a quiet space you are able to focus in with dim lighting that is not too dark either and then:

  • have them stand about two feet in front of you
  • ask permission from the person who you are practicing with to read their aura (their permission can increase your ability to see as well as respecting the sacredness of this practice by asking permission)
  • auras are easiest to see from the peripheral view, thus, allow your gaze to soften
  • take time to explore curiously what you see and feel while practicing
  • maintain having no expectations and allow it to unfold naturally
  • place your gaze on the person’s third eye and notice the edge of their body (you may also practice with your focus on the wall behind the person, as well as on the edge of the body)
  • focus on one spot for a minimum of two minutes as it takes time for the mind to still and the gaze to soften

As you start off, the aura may be faint and just a glimmer on the outline of their body or you may see colors.

Through clearing your sight to see the subtle layers of energy you are also clearing away the way you see yourself as well as life.

Aura Color Meanings

A bright and vibrant aura will equate to someone who is in a high vibrating and joyful state. Faint or dull auras will point to someone who is feeling more drained and has more blockages within their energy center.

Each color can have a slightly different meaning on each person they appear on. This means getting in touch with your intuition on what the colors mean and developing a sensitivity to what they’re showing you is important.

While seeing colors take notice of how they feel as well. Connect to any colors you see by allowing any emotions to stir within you unadulteratedly when you place your singular focus upon their color. Do you imagine dense feelings in these colors or do you imagine warmth within them?

Benefits Of Reading Auras

The benefits of reading auras is developing an ability to read what goes beyond the logical. It offers direct access to connect to the innate wisdom we naturally hold within us and to see through illusion.

This ability gets you in touch with your intuition and the more subtle layers of human existence. Reading auras can also be incorporated and deepen holistic healing practices such as Reiki.

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