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A Beginner’s Guide to the Akashic Records: Accessing Intuitive Guidance

Imagine for a moment you were divinely intelligent, and intimately connected to everything in the world around you. Everything you want comes magically to you, and you float through the world easily and effortlessly, feeling an intense love and fulfillment, every day. How would that feel? What would your life be like if you could tap into a source of infinite intelligence, and use it to guide your personal direction, choices, and actions?

This is the power of the akashic records, and whether you’ve already glimpsed this vast realm of knowledge or are unfamiliar with it, in this post we’ll talk about what the Akashic Records are, and how you can use your intuition to access them.

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a source of infinite divine knowledge that exists in the astral realm. They are said to contain all of the knowledge that ever is, was, or could be, and they can be used as a source of information and guidance for you as you move through the challenges of your life.

Probably the most common way to conceptualize the records is to think about it as an infinite library, which exists in a realm of light.

On my own journeys into the Akash, my guides have used exactly this metaphor. Through meditation, you can enter a building of light, which, once inside, is infinitely large. Ideas, insights, and knowledge appears as many points of light, organized like shelves in a library. There are even librarians – akashic guides whose role is to help you find the guidance you seek – and you can peruse information on anything you choose.

This realm, while intangible, is very real, and you can train yourself to enter your Akashic Records through meditation.

Everyone Can Enter The Akashic Records

It’s important to understand that even if you have never heard of the Akashic Records before, you have access to them, just as you have the ability to get a library card from your local library, even if you have never been before.

If this idea is new to you, the fastest and most reliable way to begin working with your records is to work with an Akashic records practitioner, or medium. This individual will channel information from your records, asking questions on your behalf and relaying you the answers he or she receives.

You can read more about how to have an akashic records reading, including what the process is, pros and cons of getting a reading, and how to find an authentic, reputable reader that is right for you.

Understanding and Interpreting Guidance

When you first access your akash (or work with a guide or channel who can access your records for you), it can be challenging to understand and interpret the guidance you receive.

Often, the experience is one of overwhelming, indescribable love and support for everything that you are and all that you do. It’s important to take the space to honor yourself simply for your well-meaning intentions in accessing the records, and everything you have been through that has brought you to this point.

Though it may not feel like it at the time, learning to hear and follow your intuitive guidance is an important milestone on your spiritual journey.

Information from the Akashic Records can come in many different forms. Sometimes, you will receive specific answers directly. You may hear a short word or phrase in response to your questions. You might also receive a visual image representing your answer.

Often, these answers are symbolic, and are deeply connected to the issues you have been facing in your life. When interpreting the guidance, feel into the meaning behind the words or image, instead of taking the information at a literal face value. Sometimes the answer is direct, and sometimes it is more subtle or nuanced.

Often, the answer comes non-physically. This means that you may have an inner knowing, or gut instinct about what it is you need to do. This sensation may come in a way that you cannot describe, you simply find you know what the right answer is. This sensation can come instantly, during a session in the records, or it could come in the following few days. It may be a soft, warm assurance, or a lightbulb-moment revelation showing you the path.

The more you can get used to receiving insights in these various ways, and the more you practice interpreting and applying them to your life, the easier it will become to access this guidance on command, any time you choose.

Continue to Part II: Accessing Your Akashic Records through Prayer and Meditation.

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