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How Do You Know If You’ve Experienced a Spiritual Awakening?

Think you might have had a spiritual awakening, but aren’t quite sure what to expect, or where to go next? Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, going through an awakening can be a confusing time, and it can be difficult to make sense of what, exactly, is going on.

Maybe you had a mystical experience in a dream or meditation, maybe you feel detached, happier, or more self-aware, or maybe you just feel a little different and have absolutely no idea how to describe it.

Believe it or not, you’re not alone. Many people who first undergo a strong spiritual awakening feel confused and unsure of what they’re experiencing. Chances are, the way you look at your life is beginning to turn upside down, and you need a new lens for thinking about and processing your world.

This lens is your spiritual awareness.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

To understand your awakening a little further, let’s take a moment to back up and look at what a spiritual awakening actually is.

This term is widely used and, as such, can have a plethora of meanings. The fact that your awakening can take just about any form you can imagine is part of what makes it hard to pin and down and describe.

For some people, it’s an instant realization that comes through a dream, meditation or drug-induced state. For others, it’s a very gradual change in the way they interpret the world.

While there is no one way to have this experience, the general experience is the same. A spiritual awakening represents a transition to a higher state of awareness.

From this new awareness, you are learning to look at the world from a perspective of wholeness, oneness, love, and perfection, rather than one of separation and fear.

Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

While no two experiences are the same, here are some common signs you have experienced (or are in the midst of) an awakening process.

You Feel an increased Sense of Love, Peace, or Joy

Probably the single most important part of a spiritual awakening is an increase in the love, peace, and joy that you feel.

As you transition to a higher perspective, you will find that the circumstances around you don’t seem to matter as much as they used to, and you no longer rely on the material world in order to feel good. You begin to love others more strongly, regardless of how they behave, and you begin to feel happy, regardless of any circumstances you may face.

These emotions are representative of the higher states of energy you are beginning to embody. At first, they may appear fleeting, but with time and practice you can learn that they are always available to you. You can experience them all day, not just in moments of quiet solitude.

To learn more, try this exercise for finding peace within as you move throughout your day.

The World Seems More Vibrant and Alive

Another symptom of spiritual awakening has to do with the way in which you experience the physical world.

Often, you’ll find your sense have become heightened, and that you are more sensitive to external stimuli. For many people, this is a wonderful sensation, as colors appear more vibrant, food tastes richer, and sounds ring more clearly. You may find you can have immense joy from simple acts you previously overlooked. The smell of a flower will cause you to stop and breathe in the new aromas. The design of fruits and vegetables will cause you to stop and stare in wonder.

For some, even seemingly mundane things, like city sounds, may start to have a certain beauty. This is a sign that you are beginning to live more fully, as you appreciate the experiences that have already always been before you.

You Feel Deeply Connected

One of the key components of a spiritual awakening is a sense of unity consciousness. Often, this feeling comes as a sense of deep connection to everything and everyone around you.

Many people experience this connection briefly at first. Perhaps you glimpse a sense of overwhelming love and connection during a deep meditation, but as you continue to move forward on your spiritual journey, the connection will become more constant.

You will begin to feel a deep sense of peace with the world, because you will begin to recognize that the entire world is an extension of your own consciousness. This yields greater compassion, as you feel like you can empathize with any situation or circumstance another might have, because you are beginning to understand that their experiences – both their pains and their joys – are, quite literally, your experiences as well.

You Feel Detached

On the surface, it might seem like feeling detached contradicts the last point about feeling a deeper connection, but these two states often go hand in hand.

When you feel detached, you are atually feeling detached from your identification with the ego-mind. Thus, the sense of oneness or wholeness that results comes from realizing that you are not in fact separate from the world around you.

This state can feel like detachment, because you will begin to process your old world differently. You might notice your excess thoughts more easily, or realize that people seem to worry needlessly or rush about in a frenzy after things that no longer seem to matter to you.

This is a normal part of the spiritual process, and I encourage you not to judge yourself for or force yourself into any reactions to it. With time, this sense of detachment will seem more normal to you, and you will begin to recognize it as a key part of your new perspective on life.

Your Breath Flows More Easily

Another common sign of spiritual awakening is that you may notice you begin to feel better physically as well as emotionally.

Probably the most common form this symptom takes is through the breath. You may notice that your breath slows, and you begin to breathe more easily throughout your day. You remain calmer even when confronted with situations that might have previously triggered you or caused stress, and your breath becomes a constant pulse of which you are more naturally aware.

Though the breath may be the most evident physical sign, it’s likely that you’re also undergoing other positive health benefits from your awakening. Your body will naturally begin to function more smoothly, which can lead to overall well-being, vitality, and longevity.

What To Do After You Awaken: Understanding Your Spiritual Journey

If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms, then you are probably well into your awakening.

It’s important to understand that while it might feel like an instant transformation, your spiritual “awakening” is only the first step of a long and beautiful process. For some, it is literally a wake up call to change negative habits and pursue a more enlightened life, while for others it is a gradual recognition of the joy and love they hold within themselves.

Just as the awakening can take many forms, the journey afterward can be extremely varied as well. What path you take will depend on your own experience, commitment, and beliefs. While it’s too much to cover in this post, I recommend you explore the following resources to help find the direction that’s right for you. You can also check out our current course offerings to see if there’s a fit!

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