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Key Points of Louise Hay Philosophy

Louise Hay was an advocate for self-love and our ability to self heal. She taught that disease within the body is created by us and our thoughts and can be healed by us and our self-love. Below we will talk about the key points to Louise Hay’s philosophy.

About Louise Haye

Louise Hay practiced what she preached. Having experienced intense trauma in her childhood, having her husband leave her for another woman after 14 years of marriage, and healing herself of vaginal cancer she put in the work it took to learned how to heal yourself.

She learned the key component to healing your body and healing your life was through self-love. She has created events like the Hayride where those suffering from AIDS in Santa Monica would gather with the goal of creating healing. They spoke affirmations and each Wednesday Louise Hay helped create hope.

Louise Hay had accomplished much in her life by spreading her message. She founded Hay House publishing and published over 20 books! She produced guided meditation that can be found on youtube. She even created affirmation cards that you can learn what they are and how to use them here.


First and foremost, Louise Hay taught the importance and transformative effects of self-love. She believed that through building love for yourself inside you, you also build love for yourself outside of you. This is the foundation of how you can radically heal your life and your body.


This was one of the main ways she taught people to restructure their beliefs and self-dialogue. Her book Mirror Work, which you can find a free PDF download of here, taught how to use affirmations with yourself in the mirror and explained why there are incredibly profound effects to doing so.

She uses affirmations to help people build self-love in order to heal their bodies throughout many of her books, seminars, and meditations. Everything you think is an affirmation, but working to make positive ones shift your mental state to where they come more and more naturally.

Your Body and Mind Are Connected

When you have an imbalance within your mind, your soul as a natural healer will manifest this imbalance within your body in order to return it to its natural state. When you shift your mental state you also shift the physical state of your body.

This can be seen in how meditation can produce faster healing within the body.

In her book Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them A–Z BooksHay House lifestyles, she gives an outline of what emotion is connected to the physical ailment you may be experiencing.

Optimism Is a Choice

She teaches that optimism is a choice. No matter your circumstances or what has happened to you an optimistic outlook is accessible. You are always worthy of self-love and you are not limited to suffering.

She taught the law of attraction and that when you change your inner world the outer world has no choice but to follow. This ties into her other philosophy that self-love is the ultimate healer.

Forgiveness Is Always an Option

Louise Hay was raped when she was 5 years old and experienced multiple forms of abuse in her years later. She teaches that forgiveness is always available and that what it does is free you of carrying the hurt.

Louise Hay also talks about how most often the person we need to forgive the most is ourselves. Commonly we place the highest expectations on ourselves and are very quick to punish ourselves. Forgiveness opens the doorway to love. Find the Buddhist prayer for forgiveness here.

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