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The Law of Attraction vs Faith Your Questions Answered

The law of attraction can seem too good to be true, but the question is does it replace faith altogether? Do the two contradict each other or complement each other? In this article, we will cover exactly how the two support each other and actually feed off of each other.

The Power Couple – Law of Attraction and Faith

If you are not familiar with the law of attraction check out this article. Having a good understanding of how the law of attraction works will make it that much easier to see why faith and the law of attraction actually feed off of each other.

One thing we all know for sure is that results strengthen faith. There must be some sort of reason why we choose to believe the things we do.

The way that the law of attraction and faith bounce back and forth amplifying each other is because the more faith you have the quicker you manifest which brings you results to only generate a stronger faith.

It is important to note that your actions also play a strong role in manifestation. Faith is not simply a passive job, but an active one.

This is because our emotions are the strongest driving force for manifestation. Faith guides our actions to be in alignment with our vision and acts as an amplifier.

When our actions have faith behind them, then every action we take is in alignment with our vision and sends out its own ripples into the universe.

This creates more and more momentum behind our desire bringing it to manifest quickly and without any blockages, it has to go through. These blockages we mention could be of doubt, of feeling unworthy, fear, or even impatience.

Why Faith Is Always Present In Manifestation

Think about it if how we feel and what we think creates our reality, then it is important for us to believe that what we desire is not only capable of coming to us but that there is no doubt we will receive it.

If you have heard the common phrase, “Ask and you shall receive”? Well, there is a step between that which is, believe. If you cannot picture it how do you expect to create it?

This is why athletes often times visualize winning a match or beating their best time before ever beginning the match or race. Learn 3 of our favorite visualization techniques here!

Studies have shown that the brain actually cannot tell the difference between an actual event and a mental event and it will produce the same hormones as if it was physically happening.

Some level of faith is always required in order to manifest anything. Amping up your level of faith may also be the key to removing what is blocking the reality you desire. When we have faith we remain open to receiving which is a vital step in the manifestation process.

The most common way people block their desire is through doubt. Whether they are actively practicing law of attraction manifestation techniques or not, creating what you desire requires faith.

At the core, the law of attraction is that we are creators of our own reality and therefore not a victim to it. This is why inspiration, excitement, and relaxing into the acknowledgment of our innate power (also known as components of faith) only continue to reap positive benefits in our lives.

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