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3 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

So you have been working with the law of attraction to manifest something specific. You may be trying all different techniques, closing your eyes and trusting, but still nothing has landed in your outstretched hands. So what do you do?

Why The Law of Attraction May Not Be Working For You

Although you may be asking, “why doesn’t the law of attraction work for me?” there are many factors that go into physically manifesting. We are going to cover some of the biggest reasons why you are not manifesting what you desire.

1. You Don’t Feel It

The law of attraction works with how you feel not by how it looks to the external. For instance, if you say I am financially abundant and money comes to me easily, yet when you say this you feel a drop in your stomach wishing that were true.

Then you are only affirming to the universe it is not true. The law of attraction attracts what you are not what you say you are. The same goes for how you treat other people.

If you are doing very nice things for others, yet underlying the surface is the motivation to get people to like you because you feel they do not. This only attracts experiences and people that confirm they do not like you.

This is similar to how karma works your motives behind what you do come back to you. Learn about how karma and the law of attraction compare here.

2. You’re Not Consistent

If you find yourself doing manifestation rituals and bringing yourself to harmony with your desires only to act from a place that repels your desire then it can be very hard to manifest.

This means if you are looking to manifest money yet constantly make decisions from a place of scarcity then it will be harder to manifest. The same goes for attracting love if you keep telling yourself you are worthy of love and then you avoid an event due to feeling like you aren’t liked then you are not sending out consistent signals.

Your actions and habits need to go along with your desired manifestations.

3. You Don’t Trust

There are many different forms not trusting comes in. When you keep repetitively trying to manifest your beliefs through repetitive affirmations or visualizations, then you are trying to convince yourself it will happen.

If you really believed that what you desired is yours and in your reality then you wouldn’t need to constantly reaffirm. This reaffirming actually brings you out of harmony with your desire as your motivation is desiring it rather than living it currently.

When you are trying to force something into your reality you are not believing it is already yours. Therefore you manifest more of your longing and craving rather than fulfillment.

How To Get The Law of Attraction To Work For You

There is no one size fit all guaranteed law of attraction process, it is an individual journey. How you feel is the most important goal post.

There are techniques and teachers that do create very much clarity. One of those amazing teachers is Neville Goddard, who teaches how to use the imagination for manifestation.

Now this many not see as potent until you fully understand the nature of the imagination. We have a list of free downloads to Neville Goddards books on the law of attraction which he has allowed to be accessible to the public domain.

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