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Karma vs The Law of Attraction and How They Work

For those of us who are on their path of spiritual awakening, even if you have just begun to dip your toes in the water you have probably heard about both karma and the law of attraction.

For us, we know that the two can be confusing on the surface so let’s dive into them. You may be surprised to figure out exactly how similar they are. Find 7 simple manifestations exercises here.

What’s The Deal With Karma

Karma is the idea that the nature behind what you do comes back to you. This forms the idea that how you treat others is how you will be treated.

The idea of karma is commonly used to motivate people to be nice to others even when no one is watching. It explains how your true motive is felt by the universe and returned to you.

Learn about how to practice loving-kindness in your everyday life which frees you of negative motivations and creates positive karma for you.

There is also the idea of karmic circles which explains that what you do today affects your next experiences and can even go into the next life you live.

If you create harm and negativity you end up living in this karmic circle and basically experience a mirror of what you have given out into the world so that you can change and learn from it or enjoy it.

What Is The Basis of The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction has a lot of resources out there to teach it. Often times it is used in the same sentence with manifest your dreams, a lover, more money etc.

Well, the law of attraction is the basis that you are the creator of your own reality. This is due to you what you focus on, think, and feel all adjust the vibration and frequency of your being.

Quantum physicists have found that everything is made up of energy and tiny vibrating particles. Thus what is within a harmonious range of your energy’s frequency will manifest and be drawn towards you.

This is why spending time focusing on positive affirmations is important in creating a positive life. Although the trick here is not how many reputations you can do, but how true you can make a statement feel to you.

Why is that? Well, the law of attraction attracts what you truly are. If you say I am rich and I make money easily, but emotionally feel upset while you say this or feel desperate for it to be true then you are not actually a vibrational match to your affirmation.

How They Work Together

To sum it up, karma is the idea that what you give out you get back. The law of attraction states that you attract that which you truly are. Sometimes people get confused around the law of attraction and ask why it isn’t working.

This is because it is what you are feeling beneath the surface is what shows up in your physical reality not the surface level action. For example, if you are being nice to people this is wonderful on the surface level.

Although if underneath what motivates you is trying to get them to like you because you feel they do not like you, then you attract a reality of people not liking you. This applies to karma too.

What you give out you receive. In the essence of karma sometimes being phrased as being given a taste of your own medicine, then you are always receiving that through the law of attraction as well.

With karmic circles and the law of attraction, both are showing you what is inside of you by reflecting your true nature. Both cause you to grow, to awaken, and to change your thoughts and emotions in order to experience the reality you desire!

The basis behind karmic circles is having the same life lesson repeated to you over and over again sometimes even through lifetimes as well.

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