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Working With The Law of Attraction: Be In The Present Moment

If you are stuck in the past, at least mentally that is, how do you expect to fully bathe in the joys you are trying to manifest. Being present is a powerful key to working with the law of attraction.

Be Present To Your Manifestations

Yes to some degree we need to think of the future in order to decide what direction we would like our future to go in. Though if we are mentally in the future daydreaming about our desires then we are not enjoying the present moment.

An important part of manifestation is existing currently in the state that matches your desires. If your dreams where right in front of you would you still be dreaming about the future? No, so this blocks us from being a vibrational match to our desires.

If after you use affirmations to attract romance into your life you stay focused upon how this will happen in the future, you are a vibrational match for the future and not it existing in the present.

Here, Eckhart Tolle explains what it really means to be in the present moment and how it is necessary to attain peace.

Presence Is Peace

Since emotions are the key to manifesting, emanating a state of inner peace is required to attract more of it. When you are in a negative mind space, perhaps focusing on the lack of something in your life you are a vibrational match to manifest more lack.

The act of present awareness and remaining neutral to something you would normally label as negative will tap you into an ultimate inner peace. This unshakeable inner peace and space of neutrality is the exact soil that the seedlings of your dreams will grow best in.

Meditation masters speak about emptying the mind in order to sit with a basic underlying sense of gratitude. This goes hand in hand with Rhonda Byrne’s teaching within The Secret.

She teaches how gratitude is the best attitude and will continue to attract more for you to be grateful for. If you are not present to the blessings you currently have in your life, how do you expect to manifest more?

Enjoying the present moment is the key to enjoying the future moments, possibly even more than you would right now. The more you can enjoy this moment no matter the circumstances, the more you will attract situations and experiences you will enjoy.

Letting Go of Attachment

By being immersed in the present moment, you let go of attachment to the future. The famous saying, “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be” explains the most important aspect of manifestation, trust,

If you practice visualization with what you want to manifest, afterward you need to apply trust! If you don’t trust you will receive it then you are doubting it. If you doubt you will come to live these desires, then you are placing yourself away from its existence.

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