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The BEST Law of Attraction Techniques To Manifest Love

Looking to create more external reflections of love in your life? Whether your goal is romantic, self-love, or unconditional love you can adapt all of these techniques to work for you. The essence of manifesting love in all forms is the same and starts with you!

Begin changing your life and manifesting-love by starting to love yourself completely.

Journaling Techniques To Manifest Love

Journaling techniques are most powerfully performed with a pen and paper. The pen cannot be erased and therefore represents a solidified intention. Don’t worry if you make mistakes while writing your intention will still be understood by the universe.

The paper brings your thoughts and words into their first physical form. This means there is now momentum in the physical realm for your manifestation to build momentum in and continue manifesting.

Learn all about mindful journaling here which can help you work with these journaling techniques. The first one of our favorite journaling techniques is to write a love letter to yourself.

Write the letter from an outside person’s viewpoint of you. All the ways you wish to be viewed, cared for, sought after, or appreciated highlight them in the letter. Give yourself permission to be creative.

Allow yourself to feel cared for like you you are writing about. Embody the feeling (even if imagined) of yourself as a loved, worthy, and appreciated version of you.

The next technique is more simple and requires you to write about 5 things every day that you are grateful for that correlate to you feeling loved. This begins to rewire your neural pathways to begin to notice in the ways you are loved throughout daily life.

The more you are grateful for being loved the more you manifest more of that. Gratitude matches the vibration of someone who is living the life they want rather than the way desire matches the vibration of someone who doesn’t have it and wants it.


Neville Goddard is one of the best law of attraction teachers to learn the power of visualization from. He teaches the nature of imagination and how to use it in manifestation requires all of the senses.

Find free pdf downloads for all his books here.

To use visualization for manifestation you can, of course, use a vision board to have images that you see often that stimulate the emotions you want to feel.

When you go into a visualization meditation for the love you desire involve all of your senses. If you imagine your loved some bringing you flowers smell them, feel their petals, notice how your heartbeat speeds up when you see your lovers face with flowers.

Bring forth all the emotions in you during the visualization that you want to experience stimulated from an external manifestation. Play with different scenarios and even experiment doing this as you fall asleep.

Daily Embodiment Practices

Most importantly is the technique of daily embodiment. This means to live as though you are the you you desire to be. Spend a little extra time in the morning enjoying the comfort of your bed and feel in love with life.

Romance and Love Affirmations to work with The Law of Attraction with.

Act with the confidence you would have if you were supported with the love you desire. Joy attracts love. Take the time to practice what brings you joy and what serves to nourish your heart. Do not allow yourself to dwell on fears of lack or self-criticism.

Instead, bask in your beauty. Focus on allowing yourself to feel romance in how you pour your tea in the morning, play your favorite music in the car, and place the extra details that stimulate feelings of the love you want to feel in you.

More On Using Law of Attraction For Love

These are our top 5 books to learn how to manifest the love you desire with. They are filled with techniques and eye-opening teachings.

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