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Powerful Morning Affirmations for Abundance and Success

If you want to create more prosperity in your life, you need to start by adjusting the energy you hold.

More than anything, abundance and success are the result of developing prosperity consciousness, tuning your mind to the attiude of success, and then allowing the results to flow effortlessly into your life.

Morning is the best time to work with affirmations, because your mind is still in an open, receptive mode after having had a good night’s sleep. The first hour or so of your morning will play a large part in the energy that you hold throughout the day, so incorporating affirmations into your morning routine will start your day with positive energy, and is one of the single best habits you can develop.

It will help you to clarify your intention, and set your day up for success.

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How To Use Affirmations – Common Questions

Before I share my list of favorite morning affirmations with you, I want to take a minute to make sure you understand how to use affirmations.

Basically, affirmations are all about your energy – your state of mind – as you say them. It doesn’t matter what words you say, so much as the emotion that you feel while you’re saying them. Repeating a single affirmation a few times, while taking the time to embody the feeling of the statement, is far more powerful than mindlessly repeating long lists of positive phrases.

I explain how to do this in more detail in this free training.

Do Affirmations work?


Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool you can use to change your energy instantly and move into a higher state of peace, happiness, and excitement.

Over time, they are also an important way of working with the principle of autosuggestion to form new beliefs. As you repeat thoughts to yourself, they gradually become implanted in your brain, ultimately influencing your key decisions and actions.

Using daily affirmations is a good way to start your day off for success, by helping you to visualize the person you want to become, and literally hardwire ideas of success, well-being, and abundance into your brain.

How do I start daily affirmations?

Starting daily affirmations is not difficult. Simply decide on a statement that feels good to you, and start repeating it to yourself for a few minutes each morning.

Choose a statement that represents your key goals, and embodies the idea of who you want to become. Try to stay general, and focus in on the emotions you want to develop within yourself, rather than specific objectives you want to achieve in the world.

If you’re brand new to saying affirmations, you may want to read this post first.

How many affirmations should I say a day?

It does not matter how many affirmations you say. What matters is how you feel when you say them. Spending 30 seconds to feel into your positive statements is more powerful than reciting a long list of empty phrases for 10 minutes.

What are the best affirmations?

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer here.

The best affirmations are the ones that cause you to feel the highest energy you can imagine in that moment. They cause you to feel into a state of gratitude and joy, regardless of the statement you choose.

Some of the best affirmations are also the simplest. State briefly how you want to feel, or what you want to become, and then give yourself space to let the positive energy of that statement sink in.

The specific words and phrases are always a secondary consideration. This means that you might have some days where one affirmation really resonates with you, and other days when it does not. That’s ok. Accept the ups and downs of the process, and choose another affirmation that feels exciting for you that day.

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Morning Affirmations for Manifesting Success and Abundance

  1. Today is a good day.
  2. In this moment, I am well.
  3. Everything is always working out for me.
  4. I am so happy and grateful now that…
  5. Today, I have the ability to feel more inspired than I ever have before.
  6. Everything I need comes to me, exactly when I need it.
  7. I do not need to understand how or why manifestations come to me. I need only accept that they are coming.
  8. The universe works in my favor.
  9. I am connected to All That Is.
  10. I am divinely loved.
  11. I am supported and guided in all that is best for me.
  12. I always have more than I need.
  13. I am self-reliant.
  14. I am healthy, whole, and complete.
  15. Everyday, I become more aware.
  16. I love tuning in to the energy of my inner being.
  17. Abundance is my birthright.
  18. Success is always available to me.
  19. Joy is my only responsibility.
  20. I expect something wonderful to happen to me today.

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