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The Power of The Holy Instant

What Is The Holy Instant? Definition and Meaning

In A Course in Miracles,The Holy Instant refers to one’s choice to accept the energy of love over fear and unity over separation. It is a choice that can be made in a single moment, but one that may also require a lifetime of practice and repetition.

In this sense, every moment is an opportunity for The Holy Instant. Every moment brings with it the opportunity to choose to abandon the fear-based trappings of the ego-mind and choose instead to live life from your heart center, opening to the immense power that comes from trusting intuitive guidance.

In this way, The Holy Instant can also be understood as a process that repeats constantly throughout our lives. The entire spiritual journey, or Atonement process, is one of acknowledging and receiving the power of The Holy Instant. Put simply: in every moment of every day, you have the power to choose love or to choose fear. You have the power to surrender to joy, or to continue to struggle.

The choice is that simple.

The Role of Prayer and Surrender

Surrendering to The Holy Instant comes through prayer and meditation. Only when you are willing to allow Light into your life will you empower yourself to receive it.

For many this requires going through a forgiveness process to release the negative thoughts, angers, and frustrations carried over from the past, and choose instead to be present in the moment.

This presence requires a total willingness, and total surrender, to open yourself to the miracles that are already present in your life.

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Guided Holy Instant Meditation

This video provides several excerpts from A Course in Miracles read aloud with background music. You may want to listen to it with your eyes closed, as in a soft meditation, to allow the power of the holy instant teachings from ACIM sink in, while you listen to further insights from your intuitive source.

Hope you enjoy!

Kyle Greenfield

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