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Abraham Hicks Explains How To Deal With Fear

The Difference Between Fear and Intuition

If you cannot tell whether a thought that you have is fear or intuition, then you can use a simple idea to distinguish between the two emotions. While sometimes your intuition will pull you away from situations in a way that appears negative, there is always a key difference.

Every time you feel fear it means you are looking at something right now in a way that your inner being is not.

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Your intuition, when you are in a fearful state, will feel more like relief. If you are concerned and worried, your intuition may not feel ‘happy’ or ‘excited,’ it may simply feel like the weight you are carrying becomes less of a burden. When you start with these emotions you can begin to lessen fear, even if you can’t get yourself to the point of feeling happy in that moment.

Fear and Limiting Beliefs

The second role of fear is to help point you towards recognizing the limiting beliefs that you hold. When you are consistently fearful of something, you likely have a deeply seated belief about that subject.

Let’s take two common examples to explain…

Fear of Intimacy and Fear of Rejection

Fear of intimacy and fear of rejection are two of the most common fears that people face. When you have fear in relation to either of these subjects, your fear is an indication that your beliefs are holding you back.

It is an indication that there is another, more empowering way that you can think about the situation. Remember, fear tells you that source energy does not agree with your current thoughts.

Listen to this video to hear Abraham explain this concept:

How To Get Rid of Fear

Once you understand what fear is and the role that it is playing in your life, you can begin to move past it.

Getting rid of fear is simply a matter of focusing your attention on the energy (the emotion, the mood, the manifestation) that you would prefer to feel.

It is the same process I discuss in this post on how to get rid of doubt.

Basically, as you place your attention on things you prefer, your mind will gradually stop worrying about the fear-based thoughts, and move steadily into the energy of more peaceful thoughts. Then, as you raise your vibration, the Law of Attraction will start attracting what you want to manifest into your life.

To work with this process effectively, you may need to begin slowly, gradually working with thoughts that feel slightly better, and slightly better. Moving slowly is more effective than trying to jump straight to a positive emotion that you don’t yet believe. With time, you will see steady progress, and you will begin to release the fear surrounding that topic.

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