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Abraham Hicks Morning Routine to Start The Day With Positive Energy

If you want to get into alignment with your desires, then the easiest time to do that is to start first thing in the morning.

Abraham teaches us that the morning is one of the most powerful inflection points that determines much of your vibrational range for the day ahead. When you start the day out in a good mood, you tend to have a better day, and will reinforce your positive energy. When you don’t, stress, obstacles, and other challenges come rolling to you.

In this post I’ll outline the best morning routine Abraham Hicks teaches. It’s a three step system of meditation, setting your intention, and appreciating your current environment.

Step 1: Meditate First Thing in The Morning

The first, and arguably the most important thing you can do to start your day off on the right foot is to meditate as soon as you wake up.

When you meditate, you release any resistance you might have and begin to create your energy from a neutral space. If you wake up depressed, or in another negative state, then meditation can do wonders to help you lift your mood before you do anything to begin your day.

Not only that, but once you establish morning meditation as part of your routine, there is an incredible sense of peace that comes with waking up knowing that while you might have a lot to do later in the day, the first few minutes of every morning are yours.

I’ll share one of my favorite morning meditations from Abraham at the bottom of this post.

Step 2: Set Your Intention for The Day

The next thing you can do to raise your energy in the morning is to take the time to set an intention for the day. You can do this either by thinking of actions you want to take or things you want to accomplish, or simply by focusing on a general state of energy. For example, you might decide that regardless of the circumstance you face, you choose to feel peaceful, or you choose to have fun.

This is a great practice because it empowers you to take control of your day. You could even combine setting your intention with a few visualization techniques in order to imagine your day before it begins, which gives you the opportunity to use your imagination to create reality.

Not only that, but setting your intention helps you to clarify what it is you really want. It is through clarification that you can begin to align more steadily with that desire, and to begin to focus more steadily on it. The best time to do this is immediately after you finish your meditation, when your mind is clear and peaceful.

There are many different processes and techniques you can use to help you set your intention, which I explain in another post. Learn more about how to set daily intentions.

Step 3: Write A Gratitude List

Last but certainly not least is to spend a few moments writing down things that are already in your life, for which you are grateful.

When you write down things that are already going well for you, you place your attention onto positive energy, which pushes your vibration into a powerful, positive state of mind. Doing this every day entrains your mind to begin looking for the positive experiences that surround you every single day, rather than to look at the absence of “that one desire” you really, really want, but don’t yet have.

Harvard-based psychologist Shawn Achor goes so far as to explain that writing down 3-5 things for which you’re grateful, every morning for 21 days, can boost your energy and mood for up to 6 months! This claim is backed by numerous scientific studies, which prove that writing down affirmations and positive aspects has long lasting positive effects.

Learn more about keeping a daily affirmation journal

Or, check out this gratitude journal template for examples, ideas and inspiration.

Abraham Hicks Morning Rampage

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Guided Morning Meditation by Abraham Hicks

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