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Bob Proctor Explains How To Set and Achieve Worthy Goals

Goals are a natural expression of our spiritual energy. No matter where we are, or what we’ve accomplished, we have an endless desire to be better, or to achieve more.

The problem for most people, however, is that they never take the time to understand how to set and achieve worthy goals.

Instead of looking at the big picture of what they really want to do, they become trapped by what the believe is possible or realistic for them.

In this post, I’m going to share Bob Proctor’s goal-setting techniques, which can be used to help you manifest anything that you want.

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Master Bob Proctor’s Goal-Setting Strategies in 3 Steps

To make things simple, I’ve boiled down his system into 3 simple steps:

  1. Understand Proctor’s philosophy on how and why you should set goals. (Watch the goal achiever summit video below).
  2. Create a goal card.
  3. Shift your paradigm to match the energy of your desires.

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Step 1: Watch To The Goal Achiever Summit

The Goal Achiever summit is a program put on by Bob Proctor and taught in seminars. You can watch an online version of this summit in the video below.

In the video, Bob makes a few key points. Firstly, he points out that goals should never be limited to what you think is possible. In fact, the best goals are the ones that seem so far-reaching, so challenging, when you first set them, that you have no idea how you are going to achieve them.

Rather than discourage you, that philosophy should empower you, because it means you have the opportunity to raise your level of thinking (and to raise your energy) to a level you had never before dreamed of.

The Goal Achiever Workbook – PDF & Ebook

You can download the workbook and ebook for the summit from Scribd. Click here to view.

Step 2: Write a Goal Card

The next step is to write out a goal card. Goal cards are an important tool to help you clarify and visualize your aim, and get help you to start to feel into the state of being required in order to make your goal a reality.

When you’re writing out your goal, remember that it does not matter how big your aim appears to be. What’s important is how excited you are about your ability to achieve that aim.

This is where many people make mistakes. For example, many people set goals about their work because they want to earn money, and they think that a series of logical work-goals will help them get there.

But, to be truly effective, your goals should center around your happiness, satisfaction, and passion. You don’t work to earn money. You work for satisfaction.

Goal Card Example Template

As you’re writing out your goal card, you can try using the following example template.

  1. Begin with an affirmation. “I am so happy and grateful that…” This will help to set your goal card off on a positive note, and begin to put you in the mindset of having already achieved your aim.
  2. Be specific. State exactly what you want, and why you want it. Write a few details that place you into the position of having already achieved your goal.
  3. Include Actionable Points. While you don’t want to get lost in the weeds or feel overwhelmed outlining everything you need to do, it’s important to keep your goals action-orientated. State the broad strokes of what you intend to do to achieve your aim, and you’ll be in an action-oriented mindset that will help you to capitalize on inspired ideas when they arise.

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Step 3: Shift Your Paradigm

Lastly, achieving your goals is all about shifting your paradigm.

Your paradigm is simply the series of beliefs and habits that you hold. When you raise your energy and awareness, you move into a new state of being. This means that the manifestation of any aim is all about moving into alignment with your goal.

I explain this in more detail in this post: What is a Paradigm Shift? Mindset Explained in 3 Easy Steps.

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