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Guided Meditation to Shift Your Paradigm and Change Your Mindset

Bob Proctor Meditation to Shift Your Paradigm

This guided meditation is about 15 minutes long, and will put you into a very deep state of relaxation, which is akin to a trance-like state induced through hypnosis.

Be sure to only work with this meditation when you are in a calm, comfortable environment where you will not be disturbed. I recommend you listen to this meditation while lying down, so long as you can relax deeply without becoming overly tired and risk falling sleep.

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How This Meditation Works to Change Your Mindset

This meditation does not focus on any specific belief or idea you need to develop for yourself. Instead, it works on the general principles of the laws of vibration and attraction, empowering you to break through any mental barriers you may have created for yourself and to begin to view your life from a new, higher perspective.

You overcome these hurdles by creating new beliefs for yourself, through the use of meditation and autosuggestion techniques. As you continue to reinforce positive thoughts backed by empowering beliefs, you will find it will not take long until you begin to experience the world in a new way, and can begin to live at the level of your highest aspirations and dreams.

As Bob Proctor teaches, your goals should be inspiring and big. He says you should “Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating, that it excites you and scares you at the same time.” Having these large, powerful goals is the first step to learning to shift your paradigm and change your mindset to live life at a new level.

When you make this shift in awareness, all things are possible for you, and what was once difficult may begin to come more easily for you. This can be a powerful, instantaneous shift, or it can be a gradual process of learning how to raise your vibration consistently.

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Kyle Greenfield

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