You are currently viewing Deepak Chopra on Life After Death: What Happens When We Die?

Deepak Chopra on Life After Death: What Happens When We Die?

What Happens To A Person Upon Death?

In this video, Deepak Chopra talks about what happens to you when you die. He does a great job of breaking down this complicated question into a few simple ideas.

The basic premise is that we exist in a state of pure imagination. Imagination creates our reality, both in life and afterwards. When we die, we have a higher level of recognition of our own role in the creation of our life, because we exist in a formless, non-physical state.

As he writes in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, we exist in a state of pure potentiality, which we focus into our unique personal experiences. In this video, Deepak points out that in the deeper reality, there is no such thing as a person or an individual. It is all a construct of consciousness. We are constrained by this focus on the physical world, and these constraints release upon our death.

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