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Deepak Chopra Speaks on The Healing Self

The Healing Self – Lecture at The Writers’ Symposium

In this video, Deepak Chopra explains many of the principles behind his book The Healing Self.

He discusses the essential ingredients to living a long, healthy life, addressing several of the key factors of wellness, including the ability to manage stress and reduce inflammation in the body.

Chopra teaches that when you focus on your self-awareness, and raise your consciousness to a higher level, your body will respond in kind. You will naturally be drawn to living a more simple life, eating a high vibrational diet, and getting a good amount of exercise. These componets address the physical needs of the body to reset and relax, and get the proper nutrition and energy it needs.

It is also important to give the body space to reduce stress and become more resilient to the outside world. You do this through detaching from your current circumstances, and creating more openness and receptivity in your life.

This can be done with a few simple daily acts, from stress-relieving meditation to the simple act of smiling more, you will reap untold benefits in the overall quality and longevity of life.

All of these lifestyle ingredients are essential for total wellness. This video is a great explanation of the intersection between Chopra’s spiritual and medical sides, and is definitely worth a listen!

This video is made possible through the UCTV Writers’ Symposium By The Sea.

Deepak Chopra Quotes on Healing

Pain is not the same as suffering. Left to itself, the body discharges pain spontaneously, letting go of it the moment that the underlying cause is healed. Suffering is pain that we hold on to. It comes from the mind’s mysterious instinct to believe that pain is good, or that it cannot be escaped, or that the person deserves it.

Deepak Chopra

Disease and distress need to be healed. Yet over a lifetime, the key to well-being is a person’s coping skills. With poor coping skills, you become prey to every accident, setback, or disaster. with strong coping skills, you become resilient in the face of misfortune, and resilience has been shown repeatedly to be present in people who survive to great old age with a sense of fulfillment.

Deepak Chopra

Your pain is the key to your healing.

Deepak Chopra

Inner healing involves moving from darkness to the light. “Light” is a word that has different meanings yet is generally understood as love and understanding. Love nurtures the emotional body; understanding fills the voids created by pain.

Deepak Chopra

If you perform asanas regularly, you will feel more flexible physically and emotionally. Flexibility is the essential difference between the vitality of youth and the lassitude of old age. Here is a yogic expression that we find inspiring: “Infinite flexibility is the secret to immortality.

Deepak Chopra

There are enough chemical clues to convince anyone that mood, beliefs, expectations, fears, memories, predispositions, habits, and old conditioning—all centered in the mind—are critical to a person’s health.

Deepak Chopra

Humans are not biological robots. We live for meaning, for the personal value of every experience. The body metabolizes our experiences and sends the message to every cell, while the mind, in its own domain, processes experience in terms of sensations, images, thoughts, and feelings. Nothing fuses the whole-system effects of love and non-love like the human heart, which needs to be understood as more than a physical organ.

Deepak Chopra

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