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Bhramana Pranayama: How To Do A Walking Meditation

Bhramana pranayama, also sometimes referred to as bhraman pranayama, is a simple breath exercise to incorporate into a walking practice. It is a great technique that can be used as a standalone walking meditation, or combined with a mindfulness exercise to increase the focus and attention to your surroundings.

In this post I share how to do bhramana pranayama correctly, as well as information about its meaning and benefits.

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What Is Bhramana Pranayama? Meaning and Definition

Bhramana is a Sanskrit word that translates to “going around” and is sometimes more loosely translated as “walking.” Pranayama refers to the vital flow of energy and life through the body, which we generally associate with the breath.

Thus, bhramana pranayama is a ‘walking breath’ or a ‘breath while moving’ that can be easily included into a simple walking routine.

How To Do Bhraman Pranayama

The basics of bhramana pranayam are very simple. The idea is to draw your attention to your breath while you walk, and to coordinate the flow of your breath with the movement of your body.

To do this breath well, begin to walk at a slow, even pace. One step equals one count. For example, you might take one step every second, and that second is one count of your breath.

Inhale slowly, counting evenly with your steps. Then, exhale for any count that is longer than your inhale. For example, you might inhale for three steps, and exhale for five steps.

As you breathe, make sure your breath is long and steady. Try to create an even, tempered flow that coordinates easily with the pace of your steps. While this may feel awkward at first, you’ll find that coordinating the breath and body in this way is actually quite natural, and will feel easy with a little practice.

As you continue this practice for several minutes, you will begin to create more ease and space within the body, activate your light body, and raise your awareness to a new level.

Other Tips

  • Walk with a straight spine, keeping a strong but relaxed posture.
  • You may wish to hold your hands in front of your torso, lightly touching the fingertips, or in prayer position. This opens the chest and encourages free movement of the breath.
  • This practice is best done in nature, away from cars and other man-made noise pollution. In this way, you will begin to feel a deeper connection with the planet and the balance of all life.
  • While you can practice this breath technique at any time, it is best during the morning or evening, around sunrise or sunset.

Benefits of Bhraman Pranayama

Bhramana pranayama, like other pranayama techniques, is known to increase the flow of energy through the body. In particular, this exercise is great for improving your stamina and endurance. It is also said to improve the body’s immune system and the ability to fight off minor ailments such as a cold, headache, or flu.

Most importantly, this practice will do wonders to help you clear your mind, release negative thought patterns, and let go of past energy that no longer serves you.

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