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How To Activate Your Light Body

Enlightenment is the aim of many spiritual practices. When you become enlightened, you quite literally begin to embrace higher frequencies of energy in your body, bringing more and more light into your conscious awareness.

The process will lead you to understand more about your own individual energy, including what your light body is and how you can learn to activate it.

In this post we’ll take a look at the meaning of light body activation, as well as a few techniques and meditation that will guide you to activate your light body.

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What Is Your Light Body?

Your light body, sometimes referred to as your Merkaba, is an energetic field that extends outwards from your body. Similar to the idea of an auric field, your light body is a grid of energy that merges the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being into a unified whole.

You can also think of your light body as a point of connection between your physical body and your Higher Self, or true spiritual nature. As you connect with this body of energy, you begin to learn how to become more spiritual in your daily life, as you connect more intimately with an infinite source of love, compassion, energy, and wisdom.

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Light Body Activation Techniques

There is no one path to learn how to activate your light body. Instead, it’s best to think about light body activation as a process, and a way of life. Instead of a single prescription, there are a set of broader ideas and principles you can apply consistently to your life.

Over time, implementing these techniques will empower you to become more spiritually aware, and live your life from a higher perspective.

Raise Energy Through Your Chakras

One of the most powerful light body activation techniques is also one of the most ancient. Your chakras are seven energy centers located throughout your body, running from the base of your spine up through the crown of your head.

You can raise your energy by learning how to work with and balance these centers. There are many meditations and techniques to help you do this, from focusing on specific blockages to activating your entire system with a process like Kundalini.

Whichever method you choose, as you open your chakras, you allow more light into your body, and increase your energetic field.

Learn more about balancing your energy centers through chakra meditation.

Sit Into a Feeling of Joy-Bliss-Love-Light

Another process is simply to take the time to sit into a feeling of joy-bliss-love-light, every day. This energy emanates from your solar plexus and heart centers, and is often described as a feeling of resonance.

You can learn to experience this energy through bringing your focus to your breath. As you notice your breath, notice what else is there besides the breath. While it may be subtle at first, you can begin to notice an indescribable sensation that pulses softly, constantly expanding and contracting with slight variations in how you feel. This is the energy of joy-bliss-love-light, and the more time you sit with it, the more your sense of peace, joy, and love will increase, and the lighter you will become.

You can try this Satcitananda Mantra Meditation for Attaining Pure Bliss Consciousness to explore this process further.

Find Stillness in Everyday Life

Another great technique to increase your light body energy is to focus on finding stillness in everyday life. Finding stillness means learning to focus on the peace that is inherent within all of life.

If you pay attention, you will find that even in the busiest and most abrasive circumstances, there is an underlying current of stillness. Learning to tap into this stillness is a core part of learning how to be present and live in the Now. Within it is immense potential to expand your light-field.

Learn more about how to simplify your life.

Become At Peace with Yourself and the World Around You

Finding peace and stillness in the world around you is largely about finding peace within yourself. When you learn to release your resistance to negative energy in your mind and in the world, you allow yourself to begin practicing non-judgment. Non-judgment is essential for being at peace.

With time, you will find that circumstances that used to trigger you and cause you to become upset now simply flow through your awareness, without disturbing your innate sense of joy and tranquility.

Attaining this state, of course, takes a lot of practice, so I recommend you try this exercise for finding peace within, or learn more about how to be at peace with yourself.

Guided Light Body Activation Meditation by Bentinho Massaro

Lastly, one of the best and most powerful techniques to activate your light body is to work directly with a guided light body activation meditation.

The following meditation is extremely powerful. This is not for beginning meditators. If you practice this meditation consistently, you will see a dramatic change in your life, with a powerful shift towards your spiritual nature.

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