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Guided Meditation to Let Go of the Past and Release Negative Energy

In this post I want to share a wonderful meditation for letting go of the past and releasing negative energy.

Letting go is an important practice for everyone to develop as they move forward on their spiritual journeys. Pent up negative energy from past events and present emotions about the past (for example, feeling guilty or ashamed about something that happened) can be a major cause of individual suffering, and prevent us from living a life full of boundless energy and joy.

Eckhart Tolle refers to this pent up energy as the emotional pain-body. Whether the past event happened 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago, our inability to release it causes us pain in the present, and we cannot become fully aware of ourselves so long as we hold onto that pain.

This is why the practice of letting go is so important. It is a practice that we need to develop over time and apply consistently to our lives in our to truly become free and lead a remarkable life.

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Only when we truly let go do we become capable of experiencing the Eternal Now. The Eternal Now is always filled with joy, bliss, love, and light. When we can stop our negative thoughts and release attachment to our experiences, we can tap into that natural, joyful state more easily. This is the incredible power of being present in the moment.

So, without further ado, here’s the meditation to let go of the past.

Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Past Emotion

Kyle Greenfield

Kyle Greenfield is the Founder and CEO of The Joy Within, where our mission is to help you win the fight against stress and negativity by harnessing the power of your natural, inner joy. Kyle has been teaching on meditation, mindfulness, and how to eliminate negative thoughts since 2016. He currently resides in London. You can follow Kyle on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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