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How To Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

Lying dormant until awakened is your Kundalini energy. This energy is represented as a sleeping serpent wrapped 3 and 1/2 times around the base of your spine near your sacrum. Awakening this energy can have amazing benefits while it transforms your entire life.

What Exactly Is Your Kundalini Energy?

If you are unfamiliar with Kundalini rising you may have heard of Kundalini yoga which focuses on awakening this energy. It is located at the Muladhara chakra and once awakened it travels throughout all of the seven chakras and to the crown of the head, the Sahasrara chakra.

Along its journey up the spine and through the chakra system, Kundalini energy raises the vibration of each chakra and then your entire energy field. It is within us since the time of birth and typically lies dormant within our energy field unless awakened.

Kundalini energy is divine feminine or Shakti energy. It is our creative power and it has the power to stimulate, heighten, and awaken our senses and our being to higher levels of consciousness.

If you are wondering what to expect from awakening this powerful energy, learn all about it here.

Uncoiling and Awakening The Kundalini Energy

You should know that the Kundalini awakening process is an intense deep transformation that can be uncomfortable due to the profound release of identifying with the material world as well as the personality.

You may have heard about Kundalini energy awakening in stages. This is because the kundalini awakening process is where it rises from the root chakra and connects to the crown chakra.

This means as different chakras are clear you can have you a kundalini awakening process where gradually your Kundalini energy is rising and then returning to the root chakra if it doesn’t connect to the crown chakra.

However, it is important to note that you will not feel the full effects of your kundalini energy until it is fully awakened and begins to stabilize. These exercises are all important in the Kundalini awakening stages.

Breathing Meditation

Any form of meditation is beneficial in awakening your Kundalini awakening process, although breathing meditation is specifically impactful in stimulating its rise. Heating pranayama practices such as Simha Kriya are especially stimulating.

However calming pranyama practices can also remove blockages that keep your Kundalini serpent from rising. Find our favorite calming pranayama exercises here.

Clear Your Chakras

Working with your chakras is a direct and effective way to clear the pathway that keeps your Kundalini energy lying dormant. You can do this in many ways from journaling to discover your emotional blockages to practicing yoga to remove physical blockages.

Your chakra system is directly intertwined with the awakening of your Kundalini energy. Learn all about your chakra system as well as cleansing exercises for each of them here.


Freeform and unplanned movement taps us into our feminine energy and connects us to our Kundalini energy. Since the Kundalini resides in the root chakra our primordial center, our wild and uninhibited shaking and dancing unearths this sleeping serpent.

Try grunting and releasing intuitive sounds to help you tap into stimulating this energy. Dancing connects us to our body and the earth’s energy which is the energy that the Kundalini grows from.


Let go of control. The feminine energy is all about receiving which includes receiving how life naturally moves through you.

If you have been practicing awakening your kundalini energy, but haven’t had an awakening yet understand that you are still generating an awakening of your consciousness which is the whole point of Kundalini energy.

Stepping into a place of actively surrendering and letting go of expectations can allow space for the most divine transcendent experience. This guided meditation can help you achieve that with a focus on letting go of attachments and expectations.

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