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Meditation Balances and Heals The Chakras

Meditation doesn’t just stop at clearing the mind. It cleanses and opens our chakras system. This then creates harmony within our mental, energetic, and physical bodies. Why is it the act of consciously relaxing can cause so many effects we often work very hard for.

What Are The Chakras?

The chakras are gathered around the midline of the body and work their way up the spine. They gather around major organs and can be visualized as small vortexes of energy within the body that also radiate their energy outwards about one foot.

Chakra translates from Sanskrit as “wheel”. This begins to illustrate the way each of our chakras is spinning and constantly needing motion to be healthy. If you think of our bodies, to survive we always need to be taking in nutrients and letting go of what no longer is necessary.

This same process happens within our chakra system. It needs prana or life-force energy to circulate through it. When the chakras are blocked we can clear them through intentional self-reflection.

Learn what causes the chakras to become blocked here.

Types Of Chakra Clearing Meditation

Any meditation will work to clear the chakra system. This is because meditation is an act of not only self-reflection but one of rewiring the system. It gives us a space to tap into the subconscious by quieting the monkey mind. Click here to learn in-depth how to quiet the monkey mind through meditation.


Visualization works with the law of attraction in order to anchor the imagery into your physical reality. Studies show that the neurons within our brain actually interpret visualizations the same as real-life events. Even stimulating the same hormone production as if this were actually happening.

Below is a basic visualization you may practice in order to energize and cleanse the chakra system. Click here to learn about visualization tips.


If you have only ever chanted “OM” once at the end of a yoga class, then you may not fully grasp the power of chanting. The University of California, Los Angeles, studied the benefits of yogic chanting. The physical results showed an increase in cognitive function as well as increased telomerase activity.

Here is a simple practice that you can do to feel the profound effects on your mental body rather than reading about it. Chant the most well-known bija seed mantras, OM, for 15 minutes.

You can set a timer on your phone in order to keep track of how long you are chanting for. This will keep your mind focused and take away the distraction of time. You may find with the simplicity of this practice you are able to immerse yourself in it more,

We recommend you commit for the full fifteen minutes of this practice even if you find it difficult. Once the fifteen minutes are up, take at least a couple of moments to sit there and scan your body. What is the state of your mind like? How does your body feel?

This chanting will clear out the channels of your chakra system by using the vibrational medicine that is your voice. It will especially open the throat chakra, the chakra related to our voice and expression.

Continue Clearing The Chakras

You can begin clearing the chakras through the first chakra, the root chakra through journaling or affirmations. You can even listen to chakra healing music for all seven chakras here!

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