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11 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

Your third eye represents your 6th chakra, and is located in the center of your forehead.

It is the center of inner sight, intuitive knowing, and a key symptom of spiritual awakened. As you become more enlightened, you physically begin to bring more openness, receptivity, and light-energy into your body through this energy center.

In this post I’ll outline how you know if your third eye is open, by listing 11 important signs.

How To Know If Your 3rd Eye Is Open

  1. You Can Focus Better During Meditation. An open 3rd eye center often goes hand in hand with your ability to hone your focus during your meditation practice. You can practice visualizing a point of light, or zooming in on a specific thought or idea. As you focus, you begin to gain new insights and understanding. Read more about how to focus during meditation, or try these 4 exercises to improve your concentration.
  2. You’re Becoming More Intuitive. The third eye is closely linked to your ability to receive intuition. If you’ve noticed that you feel more tuned-in, it can be a sure sign that you’re raising your energy and beginning to attract more intuitive guidance into your life.
  3. Physical Objects Sometimes Seem Blurry. Not to be confused with losing your eyesight, a common symptom of spiritual awakening is that the line between physical objects and the space around them becomes blurred. You may begin to see a slight haze or aura, with an accompanying feeling that the object itself is just an outline hiding a deeper truth.
  4. Your Senses Become More Vivid. In addition, you might also find that you notice your senses becoming more tuned in to the world around you. You’ll have moments in which the blurriness disappears, and instead you see and hear details that you had never noticed before. Leading to…
  5. You Are Overcome with Awe. When your senses go into overdrive, you might find it’s accompanied by a deep sense of awe, gratitude, and love, as you begin to appreciate beauty where you never looked before. Even the sounds of traffic become majestic, and ordinary objects become fascinating subjects to study and admire.
  6. Life Seems Less Real. Along with the lines between things becoming hazy, an open third eye can often give you the sensation that the normal, day to day events of your physical world aren’t as “real” as you once assumed them to be. This sensation often comes in spurts, and you might have moments in which you pinch yourself wondering if this life is really happening to you.
  7. You Feel a Sense of Knowingness. I know this sounds a bit vague and is inherently hard to describe, but an open 3rd eye center comes with strong sensations of knowingness. This is similar to having an intuitive feeling about something, but is often stronger and clearer. It’s the feeling of “just knowing” what to do, coupled with an understanding that you can’t quite articulate.
  8. You’ve Seen Your Akashic Records. Your Akash is a non-physical center of information about you, and you can access this vast library through your Akashic Records. There are many ways to connect to your akash, including deep prayer or meditation, but you can only do so when your third eye is sufficiently open. Read this beginner’s guide to the Akashic Records to learn more.
  9. You Receive Insights from Your Higher Self. Another way of accessing intuitive guidance is to channel your Higher Self or Spirit Guides. This can be done through meditation, questions and answers, or automatic writing, and it’s a sure sign you’re becoming more aligned with your spiritual nature.
  10. You Can Tune Into Your Light-Body. Your light body is a field of energy that constantly surrounds and permeates through your physical being. As you become more awakened, you activate this energy through meditation and focused awareness. It’s also a good clue that your third eye is opening, as you become more aware of the non-physical energy in your life. Learn how to activate your light body in this post.
  11. You’re Asking This Question. It sounds odd to say, but simply by nature of beginning to learn about your chakra centers and becoming more attuned to your spiritual side, you are in the process of opening and balancing your body’s energy. If you are aware enough to ask the right questions, chances are you’re well on your way to becoming more open and enlightened. Click here to read these 15 spiritual questions every seeker must ask.

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