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Kundalini Awakening, What Happens After It?

“The word kundalini generally refers to that dimension of energy, which is yet to realize its potential. There is a huge volume of energy within you which is yet to find its potential. It is just there waiting, because what you call as a human being is still in the making.”


Have you had a Kundalini awakening?

If you’re wondering if you’ve had one, this article is for you. First, we’ll go through some of the signs and symptoms of kundalini awakening. We’ll look at the different stages you might go through. Then, we’ll turn to what happens after kundalini awakens within you.

So if you’ve been wondering how to acclimate to this new energy coursing through you and what should you do about it, we’ve got you covered.

What Is a Kundalini Awakening?

To understand how you may feel integrating and moving forward after a Kundalini awakening, we are going to cover exactly what an awakening of your Kundalini energy is. The Kundalini energy is represented by a serpent coiled around the base of the spine at the sacrum.

It is here since our birth and when awakened it snakes throughout our entire chakra system clearing any remaining blockages from its path and removing any attachment to ego so that this pure shakti (divine feminine) energy can flow through us.

The awakening of Kundalini energy is said to remove duality and clear your being so that prana (life-force energy) can flow through you freely. This creates an ego death and opens your awareness to a new level of sensitivity.

The Stages of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Blockage Symptoms

Before you begin to awaken this powerful energy, you likely have physical blockages in your body. These blockages happen to everyone, and can range from mild energetic blocks to physical discomfort and emotional trauma.

Physical symptoms can include chronic fatigue, muscle tension, and digestive issues. Emotionally, individuals may experience mood swings, anxiety, or a sense of detachment.

Spiritually, a person may feel disconnected, struggle with concentration, or encounter obstacles in their meditation practices.

These blockages can result from stress, trauma, or an imbalance in the body’s energy centers, or chakras. Recognizing these symptoms is crucial for individuals seeking to address Kundalini blockages.

Sadhguru describes these blockages as a “plug-point.” Practices such as yoga, meditation, and energy healing modalities aim to release these obstructions, fostering a harmonious flow of Kundalini energy throughout the body and promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The Early Signs of Activation

The first stage of Kundalini awakening involves heightened awareness and an opening of the energetic pathways.

The destruction of the ego and reconnection to the infinite nature of life is a major part of this stage. In Hindu traditions, it is related to the Goddess Kali, the Goddess of divine destruction.

She removes the veils of illusion and the attachments you have had to the material world. The energy that then comes after Kali is the Goddess Durga.

She is known as the mother of the universe and goddess of war. She uses the Shakti energy to protect people while also removing that which has been holding you back including from built-up karma and past lives.

A heightened sense of intuition and increased sensitivity to energy become apparent. Vivid dreams and a deepened connection to one’s inner self may unfold.

This initial stage often brings a sense of spiritual curiosity and a desire for self-discovery. While the experience varies, these early signs mark the beginning of a profound journey, prompting individuals to explore practices like meditation and yoga to nurture and understand the unfolding of this energy.

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What Does Kundalini Rising Feel Like?

The next step is freedom and coming into a state of pure awareness.

As you progress on your journey, the energy within you will begin to activate. This is known as the Kundalini rising, or the uncoiling of the serpent within you.

People often describe a surge of energy, starting at the base of the spine and moving upward along the central channel, known as the Sushumna. This can be accompanied by intense feelings of warmth, tingling, or vibrations. Some individuals report a sense of electrical currents or waves of energy moving through their body.

Emotionally, there may be moments of profound bliss, heightened awareness, or a deep connection to the divine.

However, it’s essential to note that Kundalini awakening is a highly individual and subjective experience, and the sensations can vary widely from person to person. It’s advisable to approach Kundalini practices with caution and seek guidance from experienced practitioners.

The Final Stages

The final stages of Kundalini awakening are often described as a profound and transformative integration of the awakened energy. As the Kundalini energy ascends through the chakras, it is said to lead to a state of higher consciousness and spiritual realization.

This can include:

  1. Union with the Divine: At the pinnacle of Kundalini awakening, individuals may experience a deep sense of oneness with the universe or a connection to a higher spiritual reality.
  2. Transcendence of Ego: The final stages often involve a profound shift in perspective, leading to a diminished sense of ego and a greater understanding of one’s true nature.
  3. Enhanced Intuition and Wisdom: A heightened intuition and access to profound wisdom are reported, allowing individuals to navigate life with greater clarity and purpose.
  4. Spiritual Gifts: Some individuals may manifest spiritual gifts or abilities, such as healing capacities, psychic intuition, or heightened creativity.
  5. Peace and Bliss: A pervasive sense of inner peace, joy, and bliss is often described as a hallmark of the final stages of Kundalini awakening.

How Do You Know If Kundalini Is Activated?

There is no single kundalini experience that is common to everyone. It is a deeply personal process, and no one can tell you whether or not the energy is active within you. As you undergo your own, individual awakening, the feeling will become obvious – a sense of knowingness will begin to envelop you that you have reached a new, higher plane of awareness, peace, and joy.

That said, some of the common signs may include:

  1. Physical Sensations: Individuals often report sensations of heat, tingling, or energy movement, especially along the spine or at the base of the spine.
  2. Emotional Shifts: Changes in emotional states, ranging from heightened bliss and joy to moments of intense introspection or even temporary mood swings, can occur.
  3. Increased Intuition: Many people notice an enhancement in their intuitive abilities, a heightened sense of awareness, or a feeling of interconnectedness with the universe.
  4. Vivid Dreams: The dream state may become more vivid, symbolic, or spiritually significant.
  5. Spontaneous Movements: Some individuals experience spontaneous physical movements or mudras during meditation or moments of deep contemplation.
  6. Altered States of Consciousness: Episodes of altered consciousness, such as a deep meditative state or a feeling of being in a transcendent realm, may occur.
  7. Spiritual Insights: A deepening of spiritual insights, a sense of purpose, and a connection to a higher reality are often reported.

What Happens After The Initial Uncoiling?

When the Kundalini energy first uncoils itself and awakens it is very intense. Some people feel it as blissful while others struggle through it entirely. Although the entire awakening process is divine transcendence as people are experiencing a death of their ego and rewiring of cells.

We all know that deep transformation is not always comfortable. Now the question is what happens next? How do we integrate with this deep awakening?

If you are new to meditation and are experiencing symptoms of a Kundalini awakening, meditation is key to integrating and moving forward through this journey. You can begin learning with our immersive 30-day meditation course.

Should You Expect Physical Changes In The Body?

The most common physical change after kundalini is activated is a heightened sense of energy and vitality. Many people report that positive healthy changes follow this experience. For example, they may feel naturally inclined to eat more naturally, or exercise more, which can lead to weight loss, improved cardiovascular circulation, positive hormonal changes, and other benefits.

How Long Does It Last? Is It Permanent?

Like all aspects of the awakening experience, how long kundalini remains active within you varies greatly from person to person.

Some people experience a profound inner transformation that stays with them for the rest of their lives, while others may have shorter glimpses of the energy.

It’s important to note that Kundalini awakening is not a one-time event but rather a transformative process that unfolds over time. The initial activation can lead to a series of experiences and adjustments as the energy works its way through the chakras.

What To Do With Kundalini Energy

Once your Kundalini has been awakened it’s important to support the process of transformation

You can do this in many ways, but the most important is to develop a spiritual practice that feels right to you. This can mean beginning or expanding a daily meditation practice, learning or more deeply committing to your yoga practice, or even combining practices such as journaling to create a morning ritual.

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Practices that help you focus on dissolving the ego, letting go of attachment to the physical plane, and finding like-minded people is all part of the process.

When you assist your spiritual awakening the uncomfortable effects of the Kundalini rising begins to fade away. The more you resist the process the more resistance you find within all aspects of your life.

Letting go of identifying with the personality and surrendering to your higher self creates bliss and ease throughout your journey as well as creates a constant flood of growth due to the state of non-attachment.

After the initial rise in consciousness with the Kundalini if instead of transforming the personality we cling to the it then the we become stagnant and stay mixed into the illusion of identifying with the mind.

Learn about the common obstacles to spiritual growth and how to avoid them here.

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  1. Raj

    Can we continue to have a normal life like having a job, rising a family after the Kundalini is fully awakened?

    1. Subham Das

      Unfortunately, after the kundalini is awakened. You no more would like to live in a family cause now you are no more in veil/maya and know your ultimate goal. What is life really waiting for? It wants to find expression and go beyond everything

  2. Karmony

    The part you wrote about below is exactly the stage I’m in. It’s as if there’s a blockage and I’m spinning in it. Unable to flow/dance/express, etc. Any advice? 🙏🏼💗 How do I break out of the illusion of identifying with the mind?

    “After the initial rise in consciousness with the Kundalini if instead of transforming the personality we cling to it then we become stagnant and stay mixed into the illusion of identifying with the mind.”

  3. Stine

    What if you want attachment to your family etc.

    1. Aleigh

      Hello! We often confuse attachment with love. There is a certain level of “attachment” that is necessary for healthy human relationships and it’s normal to want the best for the people you love and have a desire to be around them! When you experience an awakening, you discover that death and separation are illusions. You are able to release the people you love from unhealthy, fear based attachment. This is a deeper form of love and oneness. You can still be around them, laugh with them, cry with them and feel joy from their presence! But you are more present and less likely to cling to temporary states of fulfillment in those relationships.

  4. Fariz Demiri

    When I was going through the worst time in my life, unhealthy, drug addicted,lost and so confused. I would always look at people and wonder how they were so sure about life and I was so lost. So much pain and suffering, being so brutally honest nothing hurts. The truth set me free. Right before I had the burst of pure blissful divine energy that exploded from head and whole body I felt a warm go up thru my legs arms and back then BOOM my brain orgasmed for at least 10 min and just never felt anything like that before. Right before that happened I had come to this realization In my car (mind you I’m constantly in a super emotional state so everything I thought about was deadly serious) that all the worst things that had happened in my life were actually deep blessings and teachings.
    Karma=grace ( if you are receptive)
    Suddenly I understood and just went Woooooooooooooooooow with such immense gratitude and awe of the universe followed by a headslap and a duhhhhhhhhhh how could I have been so blind. Then I thanked the universe out loud because I knew it was listening at that moment and I was just so still my whole being was so still in shock of my insight into the whole movement. Then one green eye popped up staring at me then a whole bunch of green eyes opened up staring at me so intensely like I was in an ancient computer being surrounded but I wasn’t scared or anything just kind of shocked, curious and amazed. Then BOOM the brain/body orgasm and had weird sort of vision that I won’t explain now.

    Also I wasn’t aiming for a kundalini awakening or anything in particular, I didn’t even know what this was until recently all I know is somehow I found God in my own way, I was suppose to die and was spared by grace and I am eternally grateful for letting my finish my awakening. Now the world.

  5. Chris Courtney Martin

    I am a burgeoning screenwriter, 30 years old, Non-Binary Womxn and a Twin Flame. Very psychic. My kundalini process has been disrupted by 3D interference as well as what I am pretty sure was some sort of baneful spellwork done by a jealous housemate. It was a yo-yo of bliss and terror and I am actually healing from PTSD due to things that happened in the experience, like compulsion and being attacked and injured (which is how I know there was something cast on me when I first shared that I was having the experience. ) I am doing better now and leaving the living situation all together to spend time with family. They were convinced that I was having a mental health crisis and I was actually diagnosed Bipolar for the first time because of how this experience looked from the outside. I am reaching out for support because there are very few people in my life who truly understand how hectic a spiritual awakening/kundalini emergency can manifest despite being ultimately divine and beautiful. Despite it all, I know that I have been changed for the better. I have had psychic experiences that blew my mind and others’. It even led to me doing readings for people in Hollywood, readings that were highly accurate and appreciated. But I am still trying to let go of the shame of being made to look like I lost it, when I know on a higher level that I was at my most clear. If there’s any advice you can offer about moving on after this and just feeling like a regular person again, I would be so grateful.

    1. FIU

      I had nearly all the same stuff happen to me…. Only it’s been an ongoing battle of dealing with the same person manipulating me with Magick for about 2 and a half years. I understand the bliss and terror, as well as knowing that my family can’t understand. I don’t know what to tell you other than I am having to cut her completely out of my life and she is my little brothers fiance. My little brother is my best friend and he is going to be heart broken from me leaving out of his life, but she is just dangerous. I pray blessings on you and even though I don’t know who you are I am crying tears for you. I hope you heal Courtney.

  6. Carolyn Lundergan

    Hi my name is Carolyn.
    After doing serious Spiritual work & studying the books of Dr. David Hawkins and reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle’s,
    I started feeling this energy going up my back almost a year ago now. But every day since when I meditate I still feel it going up my back but also it’s become increasingly intense. Energy flows upward from the core of my body up through the front of my body & back. My head goes back and it gets locked like steel and this goes on for well over an hour every day sometimes 2x a day for the past year. I always feel the Presence & it is very exquisite. I’m usually left in a state of absolute stillness and Increadible peace and I can’t really move for a long while.
    It’s incredibly powerful energy, makes me very hot & it’s all kinda strange. My question is I Know that it reached the crown like 9 months ago (my energy worker/medium confirms) so I don’t understand what it is trying to accomplish now. Also where is all this energy going? Am I becoming more full of light or something? Do I look different energetically? I really don’t understand what is happening to me. If you have any answers I’d love to hear them.
    Thank you so much ❤️

    1. JK

      Seems like nobody nows what this energy is trying to accomplish. I am going through this process for 15 years… it is nowhere as intense now as it was in the first years… but it is not stopping. My soul is peeled like an onion… layer after layer… I did years and years of psychotherapy to easy the movement of the energy through my rational mind, to clear away difficult emotions. Otherwise this energy would have just blown me from the inside into some kind of mental illness. Sometimes, in deep meditation, my body would just crack my neck so much that I wonder if this energy would kill me one day. But so far it has been painful, but not dangerous. I have chosen this life myself. I have chosen the path of kundalini awakening, while living in a household, not going into spiritual path fully. My advice is… just do what you want to do most in your life. And help this energy go through you, if you notice blocks – be proactive in taking them down via physical exercise, massage, psychotherapy, walks in nature etc… If you feel like there is too much of this energy – you can slow it down. Eat more meat, drink beer, don’t meditate. 🙂 it works! It does not look like you can stop it. but you can slow it down to a comfortable level so that it does not disrupt your life fully. Although… in the beginning… first years… everything seemed less important that this holy process… Good luck in your journey!

  7. Stark

    After kundalini awekening. I am having heart and throat chakra pain. Whenever i feel pain there my kundalini energy will reach that chakra and heals it. How long will i feel this pain. And am feeling all mt chakras beating/throbbing even in my palms. Will i feel this my entire life. Will i feel this energy along my spine always?? Will it ever stop?

  8. Sol

    “After the initial rise in consciousness with the Kundalini if instead of transforming the personality we cling to the it then the we become stagnant and stay mixed into the illusion of identifying with the mind.”

    So last Summer I had a powerful Kundalini experience, being smacked in the back with green energy which travelled up and down my spine and I felt the all that is and discovered my life purpose. That was 9m ago. I guess I didn’t transform my personality as there has definitely been huge stagnation for the last 6m and I keep falling into the mind trap.

    I’d really appreciate if you had any advice or any ideas. I don’t want it to have been wasted, or to let Spirit down. I want to transform and be awareness always.

    Many thanks.

  9. Michael

    You describe it perfectly, it’s very reassuring for someone who undergoes the whole process without preparation nor guidance.
    I’m seeking for people who can guide me through the process and share experiences, can you please help?

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