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Kundalini Awakening What Are The Benefits?

Raising your Kundalini energy may be widely talked about as a spiritual experience that should be sought after. If you don’t know what it or the Kundalini awakening process is, learn all about it here. Otherwise, we are going to cover exactly why people make it a goal to awaken the sleeping serpent of the Shakti Kundalini energy.

What Are The Dangers of Awakening Your Kundalini?

Raising your Kundalini energy is no simple task. It requires clearing your entire chakra system and removing the identification you have with the material world and your identity.

It is a transformational experience that will align you with your pure potential and natural state of being. The way you view things will change and your senses will become heightened. Learn more about what happens after a Kundalini awakening here.

This is a spiritual and divine process no matter if you have woken it up intentionally or spontaneously. Some people do experience the awakening and transformation as highly overwhelming, uncomfortable, and even terrifying.

However, instead of making you afraid of the wide array of side effects, you can experience remember that the spiritual path itself has challenges that shatter illusion, although at first, it may be shattering.

This is how some experience the rising of Kundalini energy. Commonly people experience shaking or involuntary muscle spasms while the energy rises and rewires the cellular body.

The increase in sensitivity is not simply limited to physical sensations, but emotional and extrasensory perception as well. Some people become frightened at the sudden capacity to see, hear, and sense more than they ever have before.

The sudden awakening of psychic abilities can bring people into a period of psychosis and feel emotionally unstable. Some people strongly disassociate with the physical world altogether due to the strong waves of bliss mixed with feelings of depression or unhealed trauma.

Of course, with all of these dangers of awakening the Kundalini energy, many others experience a blissful rising of their Kundalini. If you’re wondering if your Kundalini energy is already awakened, here are the signs and symptoms.

The Benefits of Kundalini Rising

Now that we have covered the side effects and dangers of raising your kundalini energy, we will get to what you probably came here for, the benefits! Each person’s awakening of their Kundalini energy will create a slightly different effect, but here are what you can expect.

Cellular Body

There is too much to cover in this short section of how the awakening of your Kundalini energy relates to the rewiring of cells, flooding the brain and body with bliss-inducing petrochemicals, and giving the body a prime state to deeply heal. If you would like to dive more deeply into this topic, this article will begin to point you in the right direction.

Heightened Sensitivity

An increase within the nerves of the body, your emotional sensitivity (think of an amplified empath), and even alertness which correlates to strengthening your memory!

Transcending Material Attachment

Through the opening of all seven chakras and the primal energy of Kundalini rising throughout your subtle body and connecting you directly to the spiritual realm/collective consciousness, duality is ultimately transformed into union.

This decreases material attachment and your identification with your personality and who you thought you were. This is part of the ego death and is one of the main benefits of Kundalini awakening.

Anchoring Into Inner Peace

Through the death of the ego, this removes illusion and who you are not so that you can anchor into who and what you are. This brings you into a solid-state of peace that is not shaken by the changing winds of life.

This connects you to the part of you that is observing and constant rather than that which comes and goes.

Extra Sensory Perception

Psychic abilities come from heightened sensitivity and having high levels of discernment. When dissolving the blinded nature we typically spend our day to day lives in, naturally, the Kundalini energy brings us to see life more clearly and with a heightened sense of perception.

Think of it as unfogging your glasses. Learn how meditation expands your intuition here.

Ready To Awaken your Kundalini Energy?

This article will teach you how to.

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