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Seventh Chakra Healing: How To Open The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra also known as Sahasrara, is located at the crown of the head and slightly above it. This chakra is shaped like a tunnel with its energy spiraling upwards towards the spiritual realm.

It is associated with the colors purple and white, as well as the element of the cosmos.

The seventh chakra is our connection to infinite wisdom beyond the veil of human limitations and our connection to a higher power.

When it is in balance one will have an open mind, not get stuck in suffering or attachments, and will feel they are living a meaningful purpose.

Physical Symptoms

 The crown chakra rules the brain, nervous system, pineal, and hypothalamus gland. Imbalances in this chakra can show up as headaches, migraines, neurological disorders, nerve pain, hair loss, or cognitive functional issues.

Pineal, thyroid, and pituitary gland disorders can also point to an imbalance in this chakra. More serious symptoms of a crown chakra imbalance include brain tumors, Alzheimers, or epilepsy.

Emotional Symptoms

Emotional symptoms of a crown chakra imbalance include depression, anxiety, feeling disassociated, or indecisiveness. This can come also as feeling lonely, unmotivated, or struggling to find joy.

When the crown chakra is blocked this can also show up as rigidness, fear of the future, living in the past, and being judgmental. Someone may feel rejected and unaccepted when their crown chakra is blocked.

Balancing The Crown Chakra

To open and balance the crown chakra practice meditation, listen to crown chakra healing music, use affirmations, spend time in silence, let go of judgments and open your mind. Y

You can use the law of entrainment, stating when two frequencies come together they will always begin to harmonize, to raise heal and balance the crown chakra through listening to sound healing music.

Essential Oils

You can use essential oils to balance and heal the first chakra. To do so dilute one to two drops of the oil into a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil.

You can simply rub this into your hand and breathe in the aroma or you can incorporate it into your pranayama practice. You may also wish to diffuse these oils in an essential oil diffuser, but if you have animals make sure to check if they are toxic to diffuse around them.

  • Sandalwood
  • Saffron
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Frankincense

Deepening Your Awareness

Through mindfulness practices, you will deepen your awareness and open your mind. This will directly correlate to opening the crown chakra.

You can begin or deepen your yoga practice, breath work, or even attend a silent retreat in order to expand your consciousness.

When we take time to still the mind, we can process and fully release anything that is pent up and no longer serves us. Self-reflection is extremely important in keeping the crown chakra open.

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