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Guided Meditation on Presence and Awareness of The Eternal Now

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation – Presence & Awareness

In this recording, I walk you through a simple practice of becoming centered in the current moment and experiencing a state of profound presence, accompanied by feelings of peace, ease, and joy.

Presence Meditation Script

Hello, and welcome to Day 17 of Quiet The Mind, an Introduction to Meditation. I’m Kyle Greenfield, with The Joy Within.

Today, we will explore the feeling of presence.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Presence is a part of The Now. It provides a glimpse into this moment, a lens through which we can choose to view everything in our world.

There are many ways to describe the feeling of presence. It is the openness, the receptivity, and the stillness that exists within you.

But, for me, there is one word that is more complete, more relevant, and more accurate than all of the others.

Presence is joy.

Joy. Bliss. Love. Light.

This lens is the key to witnessing the present moment more fully.

It tells us that any feeling that is not joy is a clue that you are not centered in the moment.

The stronger your joy, the more centered you become. The more awareness, effortlessness, and Is-ness you begin to feel.

This may feel strange at first. We are not used to resting into the feeling of joy. We are not used to marveling at everything, exactly as it is, right now.

You may begin to feel glimpses of this energy. But, you may also feel a sense of hesitation, a nervousness about it.

Trust that it is ok.

It is ok to move more deeply into this moment. It is ok to focus on your joy. It is ok to rest, knowing that All Is Well.

Center your attention.

Breathe easily.

All is well with you.

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