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Guided Journals To Begin Your Mindfulness Journey

Life can be overwhelming

We’ve all spent one time or another searching for ways to get our feelings off of our chest and feel a bit of relief from the stresses of our lives. 

Regardless of what your stress may be, journaling is a great way to address those feelings head-on and subsequently remove them from your psyche. 

Guided Journaling

A guided journal is a notebook that uses questions and prompts to focus on specific themes or areas of your life for you to reflect upon.

Similar to meditation, they work by allowing us to take a step back from our thoughts and feeling and reflect upon them. 

If you’re reading this post, you may already know about some of the benefits of guided journaling, such as anxiety reduction and increased productivity.

But did you know that there are thousands of guided journals out there you can choose from to get you started on your mindfulness journey? 

Because there are so many, we’ve decided to gather a list of five of our favorites to help make it easier for you to decide. 

Our Favorite Guided Journals 

My Wellness Journal

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Featuring a wellness map, body and mind check-ins, wishlists, and more, My Wellness Journal is created by Papier to help enhance mindfulness. 

Design specifically to address the chaos of 2021,  the wellness journal is a great tool to start and end your day with a fresh mind. 

There are 12 weeks’ worth of pages to reflect on everything from your goals to your meals. Use the prompts to set intentions and take note of your feelings. 

Self Care Master Plan 

Self-Care Master Plan: Your personalized self-care plan
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We love this journal because it is pocket-sized, which means you can bring your mindfulness practices with you wherever you go. 

The book features 28 pages of prompts, exercises, and mantras to help you feel grounded and practice reflection

Some examples of the prompts include things like, “Things I like to do,” “People I like to see,” and “Power songs.”

The Mindfulness Journal: Daily Practices, Writing Prompts, and Reflections for Living in the Present Moment

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The Mindfulness journal was created by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport to help more beginner and expert mindfulness particles on their journey towards enlightenment. 

The main goal of this journal is to help people users live in the present moment and reduce their anxiety by tacking their emotions head-on. 

The book features 365 different writing prompts so you can utilize one each and every day of the year for consistency. Here are also a slew of beautiful blank pages for reflection of your choice. 

Today – 3 Year Reflection Journal 

Today - 3-Year Reflection Journal
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As you can probably assume from the title, the 3-year reflection journal was created specifically for users to reflect on the last 3 years of their lives. 

Reflection journals like this are a great way to help you learn and understand experiences over a long period of time. 

Each page features a different question for each day, specifically designed to make you think and reflect on your life and your values. 

Start Where You Are: A Journal For Exploration

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Start Where You Are is a very interactive journal designed to promote creativity, mindfulness, and self-motivation. 

It features very specific prompts and exercises that help users better navigate the stresses of everyday life with a more optimistic outlook.  

This one is great for those looking for a very structured and specific approach, as well as those who like to draw! 

It also features a ton of inspiring quotes and beautiful designs to please the eye. 

These are just five of the thousands of guided journals out there that you can choose from. 

Give one, or a few of these a try to see what works best for you. 

The other great part about guided journals is that you likely won’t always need them, as the prompts will begin to resonate and stick with you for a blank journal of your own in the future. 

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