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Why Positive Thinking Is Important

Have you ever had one friend within a group who you felt drained to be around due to the impact of their pessimism? Negative thinking can repel people, opportunities, as well as our own happiness. Not only is it important for your own emotional wellbeing but it has a physical impact as well.

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Science of Positive Thinking

Taking the high road of positive thinking will allow the body to shift out of flight or fight mode. What is the benefit in this? Flight or fight mode was, in ancient times, triggered when we needed to act fast due to a life or death instance.

This what caused us to survive natural disasters and survive wild animal encounters. Presently, we are commonly triggering this response due to work deadlines and relationship problems.

The problem is our sympathetic nervous system is excessively flooding the body with hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, that we would normally be using to fight off a bear.

A study, led by Jennifer Graham-Engeland, an associate professor at Pennsylvania State University, found that those with a negative outlook were found to have more biomarkers of inflammation in the body than those with a positive one. Inflammation is linked to a weaker immune system and many chronic conditions.

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How To Accumulate Optimism

When working to shift the mind and accumulate optimism it is important to set yourself up for success by stocking your “toolbox” full. We have compiled a list of tools below that you can use to produce more of a positive attitude.

Success loves the one who is determined. With that in mind continue expanding and trying new methods to create optimism. This is beneficial even if you already feel you are optimistic as we are constantly changing and can always deepen our mental bodies.

Follow The Experts

Take notice of friends, family, or well-known optimists and their habits. Notice the way your friend seems to always to remember to thank service people and voice gratitude. You may decide to adopt and integrate this habit to see how it affects you.

You may decide to spend a portion of your free time expanding your mind with advice or perspectives of well known optimistic people. You may enjoy exploring the work of Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, or Deepak Chopra.

Start A Daily Practice

To reference Abraham Hicks, “emotion is energy in motion”. The emotions we create in the morning set a tone for the rest of the day to follow. Starting your day with a morning meditation practice, gratitude journaling, or visualization are great ways to create a snowball effect of positivity.

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Get To The Root

When we have negative emotions it is important to process them rather than suppress them. By diving the root of negative thoughts and any underlying pain attached to them this can clear out habitual negative cyclical thoughts.

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